DeKalb County Georgia: Five More Places Of Interest!

DeKalb County has quite a few places of interest. In the last article, you were told about five of them, but what you don’t know is that the top ranked attraction hasn’t been mentioned yet. You are going to be in the city of Decatur GA for this vacation, and it is going to be […]

DeKalb County Georgia’s Top Places Of Interest

DeKalb County is ranked #4 in the state in terms of population. Decatur is the county seat, and you have surely heard of Decatur GA. There are plenty of things to do in this Georgia county, especially in the city of Decatur, so let’s not waste any time. Here are five of the most popular […]

Fulton County News for This Month

For a look at the local Fulton County news, we’ll chat about early voting ballots and what they mean to Fulton residents. We’ll also take a look at a change to the way that fees are allocated when commercial filming takes place within the county. Lastly, we’ll discuss a great way to clean up your […]

Fulton County, Georgia Facts and History

While there are many residents within Fulton County, Georgia, if you asked them facts about this particular county, they would probably draw a blank. In this post, we’ll discuss the facts and a brief history lesson of how Fulton County, GA came to be.

Fulton County Georgia’s Court System

Many people do not come into contact with the court system unless they are in trouble of some kind. It is because of this that the majority people have no idea how the court system works. That is true for most of the country and that is definitely true for Fulton County Georgia. When speaking […]

What Fulton County, Georgia Living Is Like

Fulton County GA is home to many cities and communities. Chattahoochee Hills is one of those cities. Also, Fairburn and Union City, Georgia. Atlanta even has a home in Fulton County. It is a big county, so you can imagine that it can be quite different living in one part compared to another. Alpharetta is […]

How I Spent My Day In Atlanta, Georgia

This post features a non-Atlanta resident, my cousin Fred. He made a trip up to the city and had such a great time, he wrote about it here! Thanks Fred! His entry starts below this image. With the long Labor Day weekend approaching, I was looking for a way to make my weekend less boring. […]

My Thoughts on Atlanta’s New Mercedes-Benz Stadium

I was taken back when I saw the design for the Atlanta Falcons stadium back in 2013. At the time, architect Bill Johnson talked about the stadium’s retractable roof that would open via octagonal tracks. He described it as how the heavens would open up when the roof retracted. The retractable roof will be fully […]