Located in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia State University has taken serious initiative in the last number of years, working to not only maintain their status of being the top school in the Southeast, but to be recognized as one of the top schools in the country. With students from every part of Georgia, the country and even 170 countries around the world, it goes to show that their efforts are paying off. They have been ranked as #4 for innovation in the United States, which is no easy feat.

The Rising Status of Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta's Georgia State UniversityThe scale of this university is hard to imagine without experiencing it yourself. They have seven campuses around the metro Atlanta area that support the education of over 51,000 students. They boast having one of the most diverse student bodies in the country, which they pride themselves on as it provides unique learning opportunities in a world based economy. Over 3,000 students come from outside of the United States.

They have also ranked as #8 for undergraduate education. This is another huge feat, especially for an Atlanta public institution, which is far more affordable than a private college. This means that you can feel confident that you or your child will receive one of the best educations that this country can provide, while not creating a great deal of student loan debt. This is proven with the fact that they have been ranked as the #1 value school in the country as well.

No matter if you live in the Atlanta area or you just want to move here, this school’s got you covered. No matter what your degree desires are, or what interests you might like to explore, Georgia State University has something to offer you. If you plan to study in the field of sciences you will be in awe of their 84 research facilities. If getting involved on campus is important to you then the fact that there are over 400 organizations from which you have to choose from surely is appealing. Of course, your degree choices are crucial in picking the school that is right for you, but with over 250 degree programs in over 100 areas of study, it is almost a guarantee that they have a program that suits your goals.

Due to its location in the middle of Atlanta, Georgia, you can also rest assured that you will have the best of opportunities as you progress in your studies. The area is the economic center of the Southeast. There are countless opportunities for internships in business, education, healthcare and much more, and they are all just blocks away from any campus that you might be at. For those that desire to live on campus, you will find that the location of housing leaves nothing to want, being in the heart of a diverse and robust city.

Georgia State University in Atlanta has done a great deal to improve just about every aspect of the educational experience. From the degree programs that they offer to the diversity of the student body and faculty. You can always look at other Atlanta universities, but you will find that this is a top notch school without the exorbitant costs that come with a private education. It is certainly worth taking the time to visit and learn more.