Bail Bonding Now is the best source in Atlanta for getting a defendant released from jail fast. You can call us 24 hours a day with any questions you have about how bail bonds work. Also, feel free to call us about how the release process works for the specific jail in which your friend or loved one is currently being incarcerated.

The purpose of Bail Bonding Now is to inform you of how the bonding process works and connect you with our local bondsman who services your area. Not all bail bond companies are equal. We should know. We’ve reviewed them all. When you call us, we’ll only connect you with one of our bondsmen directly. Just follow the prompts for our menu options and you’ll get in touch with the bondsman who is nearest to the jail in which your friend or loved one is being held in. Therefore, it’s very important that you take note of what jail the defendant is in when they call you. To get in contact with our web developer, there’s an option for that on the phone menu as well.

Bail Bonding Now has been in operation since 2015. Feel free to visit us on our social media profiles.