The Atlanta Falcons are an American Football team that has its base in Atlanta, Georgia. They are part of the National Football League, in which they compete, and are in the National Football Conference, commonly known as the NFC. They were originally planning to join the American Football League, but were offered the opportunity to become a franchise in the National Football League in 1965.

Atlanta Georgia’s Football Team: The Atlanta Falcons

Atlanta Falcons Georgia FootballTheir original start was with the American Football League in 1962, with a number of off season games against already established teams. In an effort to squash competition the National Football League addressed then owner, Rankin Smith, with what was said to be an offer that he could not refuse, changing the course of the team.

Smith purchased the franchise, the 15th in the league, for 8.5 million dollars, which was the highest amount paid at that time. In 1966 the Falcons were then given the first pick in the draft. It was a very exciting time for Atlanta, as they finally had a vested interest in the biggest sport in the country.

The name for the Atlanta franchise, the Falcons, came from a school teacher in the state. Her name was selected out of countless entries. Her statement was that the falcon was a proud and strong bird that never dropped its prey, it is a fighter that possesses courage and has its own lengthy sporting tradition. Clearly, one can see why this would have been seen to be an obvious choice. Maybe we should have named our company in the ATL something a little bit more exciting like this! Of course, we would never be playing at the Mercedes-Benz stadium. Instead, we would probably be playing where we always have in South Atlanta at the South Bend Park.

The team practices and has its headquarters in Flowery Branch, Georgia, but plays at the Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta, Georgia. Their logo is black and maroon and depicts a falcon in flight. They have now been a team with the same colors and logo for over 52 years.

Unfortunately, the team has yet to win a Super Bowl Championship, but they have come rather close. They have competed in two Super Bowls once against the Denver Broncos in 1998 and against the New England Patriots at Super Bowl LI. In their history they have won 6 division championships, all occurring after 1980.

Atlanta, Georgia Sports Teams Have Had it Rough

The Falcons had a rough start in the league, losing their first 9 games during the regular season. Over the next twelve years things did not look too much brighter. Fortunately, beginning in 1978 that began to change. Through much transitioning of players as well as coaches, they began to pick up momentum. This is greatly attributed in later years to star quarterback Deion Sanders, who is still remember as a great to this day.

The Atlanta Falcons may not have a Super Bowl ring yet, but there are hopes that this could come to fruition in the future. Regardless of their record and their struggles, they have a very strong fan following in their hometown of Atlanta. Read more about fan support of another local Atlanta sports team in our last post! Locals take great pride in their home team and hold out hope that they will be able to boast that they are the best team in the United States, and in football that is what a team needs the most.