There is a professional basketball team by the name of the Atlanta Hawks. It is based out of the city of Atlanta in Georgia. They are part of the NBA, part of the Eastern conference Southeast division, and they have an arena, called Philips Arena, in Atlanta.

Atlanta’s Basketball Team: The Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks Georgia BasketballThis is a team that was once referred to as the Buffalo Bisons, a team that hailed from Buffalo in New York. Originally a member of the NBL, the team subsequently relocated to Moline in Illinois and then finally ended up in St. Louis. They did very well as the years progressed, playing the Boston Celtics every time they made the finals. After those championship games, they later became the Atlanta Hawks, the team that we have today.

Different Eras Of The Atlanta Hawks

There are several different eras that are notable with this particular team. There was the Bob Pettit era, a player that the Hawks drafted which would later become a future MVP player. After they relocated to Atlanta, they moved from the Kiel Auditorium, coached by Ed Macauley. Check out our homepage to find out why relocating to the city was a great decision for us personally and more about Atlanta Georgia in general. There was the Dominique Wilkins era which was a very good time for the team, with Mike Fratello as the head coach. It was during the years of 85 to 89 that they were one of the best teams in the division, but they could not make it into the finals. This is much like our scrappy amateur team in Grant Park. All jokes aside, the Hawks might do really well in the future.

Atlanta Hawks Logos And Uniforms

The team uniforms have changed quite a bit over the years. They once used a Pac-Man logo which was subsequently modified. Today, they have primary colors which include gray, green and red. They also have new socks and shoes that they wear. When the team plays at home, they are going to wear white socks, and when they travel, they wear Georgia granite gray. The alternate uniform is torture red, and these are all uniforms used by this team during regular professional games.

Atlanta, Georgia: How the Hawks are Looking Today

Unfortunately for the Atlanta Hawks, they have not had many positive games. They are currently just behind the Sacramento Kings as being the team that has not had a winning NBA championship. All of the championship games that they had was when they were part of St. Louis decades ago, and for almost 50 years, they never advanced beyond second round playoffs. It was in 2015 that there was a breakthrough, but it has not helped them reach the finals. Many people blame the draft picks. Since the 80s, they have only had a total of four players that have actually had the honor of being invited to the NBA All-Star game. However, the team has loyal fans that follow them wherever they go.

Now that you know a little history of the Atlanta basketball team, you might want to consider checking out the Atlanta baseball team that we wrote about in our last post. You can follow the NBA schedule online, and find out if there is a game coming to your city. You can see how they play up close and personal. At the very least, you can tune in on television to watch games that they are playing. There is always hope that the team will continue to improve. Before they were the Atlanta Hawks, they were a championship team, and it is likely that they will continue to move toward a new potential victory.