Atlanta is a city that many might imagine being similar to what they saw in commercials with ‘The Real Housewives’. But the McMansions seen pictured in the suburbs of those commercials have little to do with this exciting City. Here’s a look at some of the amazing aspects found in Atlanta and why it is one of the best cities in the country.

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Atlanta Georgia’s Top Things to Do

Atlanta is the city that invented Coca-Cola, which is now an American icon. It’s not so uncommon for a city heavily visited by tourists to have some type of sugary sweets for them to enjoy. But Atlanta is the home and headquarters to the famous and beloved Coca-Cola. After taking a tour and attempting to taste all the flavors that coke makes you might even try to commandeer the formula by breaking into the secret vault.

The Varsity Drive-In completely rocks. This is not only the largest Drive-In and one of the oldest remaining of its kind but it’s also one of the most famous restaurants in Atlanta. They estimate that more than 2 miles of hot dogs are made each day and 300 gallons of chili are used and 2500 lb of potatoes are served. When Georgia Tech has a ball game The Varsity holds around 30,000 people. This place is older than the famous movie made in Atlanta called ‘Gone with the Wind’. Our Atlanta based services aren’t quite as old, but some day they will be!

Breakfast anyone? People around the country often love breakfast but Atlanta goes an extra step by having almost half of the most popular Waffle Houses in the nation located within the city limits. That’s 8 out of 21. If you need a break from Waffle House then you can always go to the Flying Biscuit.

Martin Luther King, JR. has a lot of history in Atlanta. The Civil Rights leader was born and raised in Atlanta and went to Morehouse College. He followed in his father’s footsteps by pastoring at Ebenezer Baptist Church. A center was dedicated to him to represent nonviolent social change known as ‘King Center’. Close to a million people enjoy digital archives that can be viewed there.

5 More of Atlanta, Georgia’s Best Kept Secrets

Only in Atlanta could a strip club be declared a National Landmark. The Clermont Lounge was almost declared a national landmark when visited by Anthony Bourdain. Its lounge is considerably unique and often has celebrities visiting it. It’s most famous employee is Blondie and she has been seen crushing beer cans with her breasts there as well as taking time out to write some poetry. Her rule is simple which is there are no photos, so when Mumford & Sons tried to violate that rule, she removed them from the lounge.

Take the highway to food. When people think of the South they think of things like the sweet tea and the many comfort foods available but Buford Highway leads to a selection of Korean food, Chinese food, and the best Vietnamese food you’re likely to find anywhere.

Go float a raft. Those looking to enjoy some outdoor activities can go rafting on the Chattahoochee River to enjoy the pleasures of outdoors. They call this “shooting the Hooch.”

The city life is within the trees. Atlanta has more tree density than any other big city in the nation. Anyone who wants to take part in outdoor activities can easily do so by hiking Stone Mountain, taking a run on the Beltline, or enjoying some time at Piedmont Park. The city cares about its trees and is so protective that they even once fined a man over $170,000 for cutting down trees on his property without proper authorization.

If it’s not in Atlanta, you can still get to it in a matter of hours. Anytime there’s something that you want that can’t be found in Atlanta you can still get to it quickly by simply going to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. It’s close to 5000 acres and has one of the largest amounts of non-stop flights and the largest International Concourse in the world.

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