In this installment of Atlanta news, you’ll hear about a string of break-ins leaving homeowners in shock. An woman was found dead in her Atlanta home and her nephew is accused of covering it up. Atlanta sports and more to follow!

City of Atlanta Crime News

Atlanta Georgia NewsThe Milton Police Department in Northern Atlanta, Georgia has been working overtime in investigating a series of car break-ins that they think might be part of a larger crime network throughout Atlanta, GA. There have been ten cars that were broken into, and on three of the incidents, burglaries were involved. In those three cases, homeowners had left their garage doors open and the thieves entered the house, stealing several valuable items. While the garage doors were unlocked, the car doors were not. That didn’t stop the thieves though. In every single one of these crimes, the car window had been smashed. Milton isn’t the only city to see this type of criminal activity though. Throughout the city of Atlanta, there have been several reported break-ins and burglaries.

An Atlanta resident, 88 years old, was found dead in her apartment. The last time the woman was seen was three weeks ago and when the landlord went to collect unpaid rent, her 37-year-old nephew answered the door and promised to take care of it. After the landlord didn’t hear back from the nephew, he then returned to the apartment, which was locked. He went around to the back door and found it to be unlocked so he slipped inside. Instantly the landlord new that something was amiss because there was a smell of death coming from down the hall. He found his former tenant dead in her bed with a towel over her face and a candle burning on the nightstand. The nephew was arrested shortly after on accusations of concealing the woman’s death.

In related news, a man who was reported missing just three days ago, was found dead in his car with multiple gunshot wounds to the chest. Atlanta police are currently investigating the case and no suspects have been arrested as of yet.

Atlanta Sports News

In Atlanta sports news, Falcons linebacker, Duke Riley, tore his meniscus and will have knee surgery this week. In their most recent loss to the Patriots on Sunday, Riley played only seven downs and then was down for good on the last of that set. Overall, the Atlanta Falcons have been struggling with injuries this season which will make their defense have quite a bit of holes in the upcoming game against the Jets this Sunday.

Atlanta Puppy News?

In other news, a popular Atlanta pet store has been accused of selling sick puppies to its clientele. Investigative reporters from WSB-TV Atlanta state that a federal lawsuit that is underway is accusing the franchise of ‘peddling sick puppy mill pets to unsuspecting buyers.’ It’s not unusual for a pet store to obtain their “products” from puppy mills, but in the last five years or so, this practice has been greatly controversial. This isn’t just an Atlanta problem. It’s a national one. After all, Atlanta is a great place to live. Animal rights activists have been all over this topic since the dawn of time, but they have run up against resistance. With some of the smaller pet store owners, it can be difficult to remain competitive unless they buy their “products” at very cheap prices.

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