The decision to apply to Emory University, or to any other school for that matter, should be the result of solid research and thoughtful consideration. You can’t embark on such a long and demanding journey without knowing very well what you’re signing up for. Although Emory is one of the top universities in Atlanta and in the US, you should still do your homework and find out as much as you can about its values, principles and mission. This will help you understand much better what kind of student they are after, so that you can see if you are truly a good fit. Fitting in is in your best interest, as this is one of the biggest motivators to graduate with flying colors.
Atlanta GA Emory University.

Before Applying To Emory University in Atlanta, GA

The best place to start your research from is the Emory University website itself. Here you can find various guides targeting prospective and current students, parents, visitors, and their own staff. The website also displays their academic program, so you can easily see what you can study here. They offer both undergraduate programs and graduate and professional schools. At the Atlanta campus, business, arts and science, nursing, law and theology are among the degrees and programs available at Emory.

If your passion is among these academics, you can go ahead and take a closer look at the life of their students here in Atlanta. You can read the dedicated section on the university’s official website, but this may not be the best way to figure out how well you’re going to fit in. This is why you should schedule a visit to the university before applying for one of their programs. You may have heard already that Emory’s main campus in considered one of the top ten most amazing college campuses, not only in Atlanta, but in America. However, you could benefit from seeing it with your own eyes before enrolling. The university’s officials encourage prospecting students to schedule a visit, in order to see if life here is a good fit for them. Take advantage of this opportunity by visiting the school and the main campus, as well as the dining areas and the surroundings of Emory. You may be surprised by the fact that you’ll have a choice of no less than 10 restaurants at Emory Point. Add about 20 more of them in Emory Village, and you’ll see that the dinner options here are perhaps better than in your hometown.

While in Atlanta, Make the Most of Your Emory Experience

While here, you should take advantage of your visit, and get in touch with a few students. Ask them about their life on the campus, about the things they love and about their biggest peeves. Students are usually honest, so the image they are going to depict is going to be fairly accurate. Check out the city of Atlanta as well. See if you like the vibe and the activities near the campus.

You won’t find just one great university in Atlanta, you’ll find a lot. That’s why visits are so important. If you like most of everything you’ve seen during your visit, you can rest assured you’re going to have a happy life here. In terms of the quality of the education you’re going to receive, you should know that you’ll become one of the best trained graduates in your chosen profession.