I was taken back when I saw the design for the Atlanta Falcons stadium back in 2013. At the time, architect Bill Johnson talked about the stadium’s retractable roof that would open via octagonal tracks. He described it as how the heavens would open up when the roof retracted.

Atlanta Georgia Stadium

The retractable roof will be fully functional sometime in the fall. However, the new stadium had an opening event that was nothing less than impressive. It featured the Arizona Cardinals and the Atlanta Falcons.

Johnson spoke four years ago, saying that creating look up moments was a big challenge in the design world. He said the challenge was to get people to stop looking at their phones and engage in the experience the stadium offers. That’s why the design was chosen for this stadium.

With the new stadium, there is plenty of experience, from the massive video board to the number of places where fans can gather. One of those places includes the Skybridge, which is a great place to watch the game. Best of all, you have the city as the backdrop. Read more about how our company has been involved with the community of Atlanta here.

Atlanta Has the Ultimate Falcons Fan’s Experience in Mind

Speaking of experience, you can rest assure the fan experience at the stadium is going to be the best. It doesn’t matter if you’re watching the Falcons play a game, an Atlanta United match or if you’re catching a college football game, you will love the experience. The seats provide you with plenty of room and there’s plenty of choices when it comes to beverages, including beer. Let’s not forget to mention that the food is affordable too.

Andre Dickens, an Atlanta City Councilman, said that this was high cotton. After he said that, he described the venue as feeling both familiar and comfortable. He had nothing but good things to say about the stadium.

The story of Atlanta is simple. It’s all about building, tearing down and rebuilding. It’s a city that shifts. Furthermore, many of the venues built have lasted for less than three decades and this is because the goal isn’t to build stuff that lasts centuries.

Atlanta Georgia’s Stadium History

The Atlanta Fulton County Stadium came along first. it was built in 1965 and it was the very first home for both the Braces and the Falcons. It’s also where the home-run record was broken by Hank Aaron. It’s where Atlanta took home a world championship in 1995.

The stadium was torn down shortly after the Summer Olympics of 1996. By that time, the Falcons begun playing in the Georgia Dome. Eventually the Braves started playing at Turner Field. You should definitely add this to your list of things to do in Atlanta.

The new stadium feels, tastes and looks like the city of Atlanta. The new stadium stands out and it does a great job at making sure Atlanta is empowered. Not only that, but the city has improved thanks to the presence of the stadium.It’s fair to say that the stadium has done a good job at putting the city of Atlanta on the map and it will surely continue to be one of the top attractions in the city.