If you enjoy the game of soccer, and you also enjoy watching games that are played, you may have heard of Atlanta United FC. It is a soccer club that was initially formed back in 2014, but started playing major league soccer in 2017. One of the reasons that the owner of the Atlanta Falcons Arthur Blank decided to help get this team going was because Atlanta was the only major city that did not have a soccer team.

Overview Of The Atlanta United FC

Atlanta United FC Georgia Soccer team.Back in 2008, there was an attempt by Blank to get things going, but they were not able to get a stadium built. After he withdrew his bid, the executive vice president of major league soccer started to speak with blank once again. It was only after the Atlanta Thrashers moved to Winnipeg that efforts to get this done where brought back to the negotiating table.

The Negotiations That Led To Atlanta United FC

As the negotiations continued, the Commissioner of MLS realize that Atlanta was a great place to create a soccer team. Blank stated that this could lead to World Cup matches and a major league soccer franchise that could be very profitable for the city. Read more about Atlanta and our own potential profitability on our homepage. It was in November 2012 that plans for the stadium were postulated, and the rest is history. $30 million in bonds were issued, land was purchased, and the team was created. They would use the Mercedes-Benz stadium which is where the Atlanta Falcons played, something they could do because of the retractable seats that could be pulled back to accommodate the larger playing field. Me and my friends won’t ever get to play there, so we’ll settle for the Westside Reservoir Park to play pickup games of soccer. Hint: we aren’t good.

Atlanta’s Colors And Symbols Of The Team

Blank wanted the fans to play a role in developing the uniforms that would be worn. He wanted them to help with choosing the name, the color scheme, and the logo. It was in 2015 that the name was finalized. The logo looks reminiscent of what looks like Atlanta is city seal, along with black and red stripes. This led to the unofficial name of the team being called The Five Stripes. Regardless of the name, Atlanta now had a major league soccer team that could provide entertainment for the people of the city and more revenue as well.

Although this is a very young team, they are doing well. They have many players that are doing their best to move forward. Although they did lose in the first regular season at the Bobby Dodd Stadium, the first person to score, Yamil Asad, is officially the first person to score a goal. As long as they continue to move forward, and trade new players onto the team, they should grow into a franchise that will be both victorious and profitable.  For more Atlanta sports, check out our recent post on the Atlanta Motor Speedway! If it were not for the work of Arthur Blank, the owner of the Atlanta Falcons, this team would have never existed. Hopefully they will begin to attract a legion of followers similar to what the Atlanta Falcons have today. It may become one of the best revenue generating sports teams in Atlanta’s history, but that remains to be seen.