There is an upscale district in Atlanta, Georgia that is called Buckhead. It is located in Fulton County. It represents about 1/5 of the entire city, and is a major financial center and commercial district. It is third behind Midtown and downtown, but it has many high-rise buildings that go along Peachtree Road. Amidst all of the buildings and residential neighborhoods, there are rolling hills, one of the primary reasons that people like to live in this area. Here is a quick overview of Buckhead in Atlanta and why you might want to consider moving there if you are considering relocating to the state of Georgia.

Origins Of Buckhead Atlanta

Buckhead Atlanta GeorgiaBack in the 1830s, a man by the name of Henry Irby decided to purchase about 200 acres right above what is called Midtown Atlanta. The name Buckhead actually comes from a story that was told about Irby long ago. It was said that he had shot a huge buck, and at some point had the head of the deer mounted. Once called Irbyville, and subsequently Atlanta Heights, the name finally settled with Buckhead. There are rolling country estates in this area, places where some of the wealthiest in the Atlanta area began to build incredible mansions. This continued even through the depression, but then the area went into disrepair. There was quite a bit of violence, related to nightlife in the community, and liquor licenses were made much more difficult to obtain. Read more about Atlanta and the history its history of crime on our homepage. This subsequently led to the elimination of bars and nightclubs that were causing the problem, and became the incorporated city that we have today.

Atlanta’s Buckhead: Recent Developments

Things have dramatically changed since the problematic times in the 80’s. There is now a beautiful skyline of skyscrapers and trendy restaurants. It is a place that attracts young people, and many of the wealthy of the Atlanta area still reside in this region. Despite its problems, wealthy people have always dominated this region. The average net worth of those that live there averages $1.3 million. Is considered the Beverly Hills of Atlanta, and there is an incredible shopping district with big-name retailers selling items for high prices.

This is a place where there are designer boutiques, major department stores, activity venues like Atlanta Memorial Park, and plazas that are beautiful. It’s also where the healthcare industry has really taken off, providing very specialized forms of healthcare and surgeries. Those that have spinal surgeries, or brain surgeries, come to this area of Atlanta to get help. There are also places where diplomats meet, along with consulates from all over the world that gravitate to this community. Although most of this region is primarily single family homes, the skyscrapers do definitely define this area of Atlanta.

If you want to move to Atlanta, and you would like to be in an upscale region, Buckhead is where you want to be. You will be within driving distance of all of the malls and restaurants that have made this one of the best places to live in Georgia. On top of that, you’ll be a close drive to the Atlanta Pride Festival around the Piedmont Park area. Read more about Atlanta’s best culture venues in our previous articles. If you do have the money to do so, you can start looking for properties which are going to be very expensive. It could be that you are relocating as a result of your job, and you will certainly like the location. Find out more about Buckhead online and see if this is a community that you would like to call your own.