What is a signature bond?

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In 2018, the City of Atlanta pushed through a piece of bail reform legislation that allows people charged with nonviolent misdemeanor crimes to remain free before their trials, based on just a signature. This signature bond essentially promises that the defendant would show up for their court date. The new signature bond system in 2018

How Much is a Bond for a Failure to Appear?

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A failure to appear charge is a serious infraction in which a commercial bail bond most likely will not be granted. However, if the FTA (Failure to Appear) charge is deemed eligible for a surety bond, finding a bonding company to take on that risk will prove to be a challenge. To figure out the

Types of Bail Bonds in Georgia

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When you do a quick inmate search on either our website or the local county sheriff’s site, you might have questions regarding the different types of bail bonds available to get a defendant released from that particular jail. In this post, we’ll explain what each of your options are. The different types of bail bonds

What Happens When You Don’t Pay the Bondsman?

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Thinking about not paying your bondsman? So, you’ve just got your friend or loved one released on bond with a payment plan, but what happens when you don’t pay a bondsman for that installment plan? There are several things that could happen, which we’ll get into in this post. However, what you’ll most

Are Bail Bonds Companies Profitable?

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You’d think that with the number of bonding companies located in every major metropolitan area, every bail bond company would be profitable, right? Especially in areas with high crime-rates, a bonding company might seem like an all-upside profitable business for any entrepreneur, given that they have a licensed bail bondsman on staff. What many people

What Happens When You Co-Sign a Bail Bond

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Bail bonds are like any other financial transaction when cosigning. What happens when you cosign on a bail bond is that you are now liable for the sum of money should the primary signer default. If the defendant does not appear in court, you, as a cosigner, are legally obligated to fulfill the requirements of