To get a good Brookhaven bail bonds company, you first have to understand the region. Brookhaven, Georgia is a suburban city in the outskirts of western DeKalb County, Georgia. It lies due northeast of Atlanta, Georgia. It is DeKalb, County’s largest city with a population of approximately 49,000 people and covers around 12 square kilometers. Brookhaven, Georgia is adorned with several residential neighborhoods, retail stores, educational facilities, parks and recreational facilities and public libraries which together attract people from all walks of life.

Being in very close proximity to a major urban area i.e. Atlanta, Georgia, it is very prone to crime and therefore, the need for bail bonds services is increasing. The following case studies which transpired in very recent past serve to drive the point home.

Given the fact that incidences of lawlessness are rampant in the area and the job of a Brookhaven bail bondsman is never done. It is not unusual to require the services of criminal lawyers let alone the need to access bail bonds from a licensed bonding company in DeKalb County. Bail bonds are written promises that are drafted and duly signed by defendants as surety that the said defendant will appear in court at the stipulated date and time as required by the court. It usually entails the remittance of certain amount of money that s determined by the respective court.

Brookhaven GA Bail Bonds

Brookhaven Dekalb County Bonding CompaniesCase Study I: Vandalism on Tuesday, February 3, 2015

In this case, 10 school buses belonging to DeKalb County were severely damaged when unknown people stole a school bus and used them to destroy ten more other buses. This took place in Brookhaven, GA at the bus yard wherein buses belonging to DeKalb County public schools are parked.

Case Study II: Theft on Thursday, April 16, 2015

This was supposedly undertaken by the then DeKalb Commissioner’s Chief of Staff one Elaine Boyer. This entailed the use of public funds for personal use. He also did lie to law enforcement officials during the investigation process. This person allegedly took on the services of a Redan bail bonds agency.

Case Study III: Shooting on Thursday, April 9, 2015

This entailed the shooting and subsequent killing of Doris Beardsley, the wife to a member of the Zoning Board of Appeals of Brookhaven, Georgia.

Case Study IV: Burglary on Wednesday, December 3, 2014

It entailed the shooting to death of a burglar who attempted to break into the home of a resident of an Ashford Creek Drive town-house in Brookhaven, Georgia.

Bail Bonds in Brookhaven, Georgia

Bail bonds are some of the most common techniques used to bail suspects out of jail at least during the trial of their cases. In order to take advantage of this service, the following critical pieces of information ought to be fully furnished:

A confirmation of which jail the said defendant is in i.e. whether it is a county, a city or a federal facility, the defendant’s booking number for ease of reference, the charges that is preferred against the defendant. the defendant’s full legal name and date of birth, the arresting agency of the defendant, a determination of the bail amount as much as possible

Thereafter, the persons seeking bail bonds in Brookhaven, Georgia then approach a bail bonds processing agency which facilitates the processing of the bail bonds as quickly and as professionally as possible. The said bonding agency has to have the requisite expertise, several years of experience, qualified staff as well as the wherewithal to accomplish the said task. View more information on Brookhaven Georgia here.

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