Atlanta, GA

All About the Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons are an American Football team that has its base in Atlanta, Georgia. They are part of the National Football League, in which they compete, and are in the National Football Conference, commonly known as the NFC. They were originally planning to join the American Football League, but were offered the opportunity to

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All About the Atlanta Hawks

There is a professional basketball team by the name of the Atlanta Hawks. It is based out of the city of Atlanta in Georgia. They are part of the NBA, part of the Eastern conference Southeast division, and they have an arena, called Philips Arena, in Atlanta.

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All About the Atlanta Braves

The Atlanta Braves are a professional Major League Baseball team that competes in the National League. The team has recently moved to its new stadium called SunTrust Park, which is located 10 miles from downtown Atlanta, Georgia. The Braves franchise has won 3 World Series titles (1914, 1957 and 1995), 12 Eastern Division Titles, 5

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Atlanta United FC: Soccer in Georgia?

If you enjoy the game of soccer, and you also enjoy watching games that are played, you may have heard of Atlanta United FC. It is a soccer club that was initially formed back in 2014, but started playing major league soccer in 2017. One of the reasons that the owner of the Atlanta Falcons

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Atlanta Motor Speedway: A Thrill for Everyone!

Are you a race car enthusiast? Do you plan to visit Georgia at some point? If you answered in the affirmative to both of these questions, then you definitely need to make plans to check out the incredible Atlanta Motor Speedway. Fans of racing from around the country, and even the whole world, love checking

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Best of Atlanta GA: Buckhead

There is an upscale district in Atlanta, Georgia that is called Buckhead. It is located in Fulton County. It represents about 1/5 of the entire city, and is a major financial center and commercial district. It is third behind Midtown and downtown, but it has many high-rise buildings that go along Peachtree Road. Amidst all

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Best of Atlanta GA: Pride Festival and Parade

Almost every city in the United States now holds a pride parade, and the one here in Atlanta is one of the biggest, in an effort to raise awareness of issues that are unique to those that do not live a heterosexual lifestyle. This includes those that are gay, bi-sexual, queer, transsexual and more. These

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Best of Atlanta GA: High Museum of Art

Located in North Midtown in Atlanta, the High Museum of Art is a beautiful location to visit. There are many things to see and events that are constantly set up to provide the community with many activities designed for both adults and children. It has about 500,000 people come to visit every year, a museum

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Atlanta Georgia’s Emory University

The decision to apply to Emory University, or to any other school for that matter, should be the result of solid research and thoughtful consideration. You can’t embark on such a long and demanding journey without knowing very well what you’re signing up for. Although Emory is one of the top universities in Atlanta and

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Atlanta’s Georgia Institute of Technology

I just found out my nephew is moving here to Atlanta and is going to the Georgia Institute of Technology! We’re very excited about his choice of schools and we invited him to type up his thoughts about it. Below, you’ll find my nephew’s entry on why he’s chosen to move to Atlanta, GA and

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