About Atlanta’s Own Georgia State University

Located in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia State University has taken serious initiative in the last number of years, working to not only maintain their status of being the top school in the Southeast, but to be recognized as one of the top schools in the country. With students from every part of Georgia, the […]

What Universities Are In Atlanta, Georgia?

If your child is at the age where they need to think about where to go to school, planning a trip to visit potential schools is a good idea. You can make a list of the colleges and universities in Atlanta, Georgia they are interested and then go and tour them. Through these tours, you […]

How Much is Sales Tax in Atlanta Georgia?

Most business owners already know what the sales tax is in Atlanta, GA, but if you’re new to being a business owner then you’ll find this information very useful. Perhaps you’re wanting to make a major purchase and want to avoid some of Atlanta’s high tax rates. Either way, read on.

Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

More commonly referred to as the Atlanta airport, the Hartsfield Jackson International Airport has ranked as the busiest airport in the entire world, and this has been happening since 1998. With the exception of Chicago O’Hare taking this distinction back in 2014, it has held the top spot for nearly 20 years. Here is a […]

Just What IS MARTA in Atlanta, Georgia?

Most modern and forward-thinking metropolitan areas in the United States had the insight to begin building mass transit systems in the past few decades to serve the populace. These systems are able to move large numbers of people without polluting the air and don’t add to the traffic congestion either. They don’t take up parking […]

Why is Atlanta Traffic So Bad?

It is well known to people in Atlanta, as well as to people that visit the city, that the traffic is always going to be terrible. One of the most obvious reasons is that the highways and freeways that were designed decades ago are simply not adequate to accommodate all of the people that are […]

Tips for Driving Through Atlanta, Georgia

A lot of people love going to the city of Atlanta, but they often aren’t aware of what kind of transportation system is in place. If you plan on going to Atlanta, Georgia or you’re just curious, then read this article. It will provide you with plenty of hints and tips for driving through Atlanta, […]

Atlanta Georgia News for Oct 2017

In this installment of Atlanta news, you’ll hear about a string of break-ins leaving homeowners in shock. An woman was found dead in her Atlanta home and her nephew is accused of covering it up. Atlanta sports and more to follow!

Atlanta Georgia is a Great City to Live in…and Build a Business!

Atlanta is a city that many might imagine being similar to what they saw in commercials with ‘The Real Housewives’. But the McMansions seen pictured in the suburbs of those commercials have little to do with this exciting City. Here’s a look at some of the amazing aspects found in Atlanta and why it is […]

How I Spent My Day In Atlanta, Georgia

This post features a non-Atlanta resident, my cousin Fred. He made a trip up to the city and had such a great time, he wrote about it here! Thanks Fred! His entry starts below this image. With the long Labor Day weekend approaching, I was looking for a way to make my weekend less boring. […]