Bail Bonds Questions

How Bail Bonds Get Paid

Its amazing to learn how bail bonds get paid on a defendant and co-signer’s behalf once you understand how all of the interested parties work in unison. In this post, we cut through all of the jargon and break down how a bondsman covers payment for a bail bond to get an inmate released from

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How a Bail Bondsman Makes Money

A lot of people are asking how a bonding company and the bail bondsman who work there make money. Some have even asked if this method of earning an income is moral and furthermore, how much they charge the general public to get a defendant released. We’ll cover all of these questions in this post.

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How Much Bail Bonds Cost

In order to determine how much a bail bond will cost, you have to look at several different factors. The bail amount, the co-signer’s qualifications, the stipulations the judge has set on bail, and the risk to the bonding company all play an important role in figuring the overall cost of a bail bond.

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Can We Get Bail Money Back?

If you’ve recently paid out of pocket to help with the bail of a loved one or acquaintance, you’re likely hoping for the return of your cash as quickly as possible. Is the bail money returned to the person who paid it? How long does it take to get your bond money back? You should

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What You Can Use as Bail Bond Collateral

If you’re looking to bail a defendant out of jail, you might be surprised at how much money you’re going to have to pay. Do all bail bonds require collateral? No. Its there to help you meet the financial requirements of the bond. For instance, if the defendant has committed a felony, then you could

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What a Bail Recovery Agent Does

If you’re curious to learn more about what a bounty hunter (bail recovery agent) does, along with the key role they play when it comes to finding fugitives of all types, then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’re going to take a closer look at what a bounty hunter does, so

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Bail Bonds History

The history of bail bonds is quite interesting to say the least. How far back do you think the practice of posting bail goes? If you guessed the 20th century, the 19th century or even the 15th century, you would be wrong. That certainly means bail bonds predate the US, and guess where they got

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Bail Bonds and Co-Signers

Are you thinking of cosigning a bail bond? Well if you do, it’s important that you know everything there is to know about your obligations when you co-sign on a bail bond. Some people who co-sign a bail bond without knowing what it means have gotten into big financial troubles. You wouldn’t want to make

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How a Judge Determines Bail Amounts

Once a suspect is arrested, the judge will set a bail amount on the first court appearance which might be an arraignment or a bail hearing. In most cases, judges adhere to standard practices such as smaller bail amounts for nonviolent petty misdemeanors. However, they can always raise or reduce the standard bail amount or

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Should You Bail Out a Defendant from Jail?

It happens when you least expect it. One moment you are getting ready to go to bed, expecting to wake up and go to work like usual. And the next thing you know, a friend calls you up and tells you they need your help. More specifically, they ask you to post their bail, because

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