Cobb County, GA

The Best Schools in Cobb County, Georgia

Schools are a critical part of the success of a community and nation. Having the opportunity to send your child to the best school in your area has value that will last them and those that they interact with for a lifetime. If you are from the Cobb County GA area,

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Cobb County Georgia’s Sales Tax

Cobb County GA sales tax is in place so that the money can be used to develop the area more. There are a lot of reasons why there is sales tax in an area. The current sales tax in Cobb County, Georgia is 6%. Here’s how its spent.

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About Cobb County Georgia’s National Park

Have you been thinking about visiting Cobb County, Georgia? You should definitely check out the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park! If you’re considering a trip to this park, you should try looking at some of the various benefits that the park offers. You may want to make visiting this park a

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Best of Cobb County Georgia: Cobb Energy Center

Located in Cobb County, Georgia – just outside of the City of Atlanta, is a place called the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre. It is northwest of Atlanta, something you will find as you drive past Buckhead on I-75. I had the unique experience of discovering this place while I was

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Best of Cobb County Georgia: SunTrust Park

What do you know about SunTrust Park in Cobb County? This Georgia stadium is a familiar sight to anyone who watches Major League Baseball regularly, but others might not be so familiar with it. Keep reading to learn a few things about this Atlanta-area landmark.

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Cobb County Georgia: Get Everything

Cobb County Georgia may seem like a tiny slice of America – but in fact it’s the entire pie. this is a region where you can experience everything that the United States has to offer. From friendly locals to the most high adrenaline sports this is a region that simply has

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Cobb County Georgia’s Places of Interest

Cobb County is located in northwest Georgia. Are you familiar with the city of Marietta? If you haven’t heard of the county’s largest city or of the county itself, you might not have known that in terms of population, Cobb County ranks third in the state. Planning a trip to this

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Cobb County Georgia: A Brief History Lesson

Do you know the history of Cobb County, Georgia? It starts in 1832, as one of nine different Georgia counties that got carved out of disputed Cherokee Nation territory. It wound up being Georgia’s 81st county, and it was named in honor of Judge Thomas Willis Cobb. He served as a superior

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