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Clayton County Bail Bonds

Clayton County bail bonds are the means by which a person is allowed to get out of jail by the courts. A bail allows the accused to be released from prison till his or her case gets finished. On this page, you will find some of the best resources for Clayton County bail bonds.

People usually don’t have the money to pay right away the amount set by the judge to post bail, so they acquire the services of the bonding agent. These agents have their own offices from where they run the day to day operations. In return for the release of their clients from jail, these agents act as a surety that the accused on trial would not run away and show up at court proceedings. As insurance, companies shy away from investing their policyholders funds in a risky transaction such as posting bail bonds, thus to fill the void these agents step in and offer their services. Insurers still play a role as they are the ones that verify all bail bonds in Clayton County and the agreements for their agents. The agents’ main clientele are criminal defendants who are accused of crimes such. As around the state of Georgia, bail bonds are very important, so these agents are usually found at the local Sherriff’s office, or right here on this website.

About Bail Bonds in Clayton County Georgia

If the case gets rejected, and the defendant wins the case then he/she would still have to pay the agent the fees. If the client doesn’t pay, then the Clayton County bail bond agent can take action to defend his interests.

Clayton County Bail Bondsman

In the event that the client doesn’t pay whatever is left of the cash to the bail bondsman. The security organization can sue them for whatever is left of the cash; on the other hand, they can’t put their client in prison. Likewise, the client needs to be careful that criminal accusations might get recorded at a later date by the District Attorney’s office or the City Attorney’s office.

In case the defendant does not appear in court after bail was given to him/her, then the Bail Bondsman in Clayton County GA makes an irretrievable bond or payment to the court. There’s usually an agreement signed with an insurance company or banking institution to draw on such security to pay the courts, even when the bank is closed. This makes the job of a bonding agent much easier and removes the need for the agent to deposit cash with the court each time a new defendant is bailed out.

Clayton County Georgia Bail Bonding

Different states in the United States have different laws for bail bonds. In most jurisdictions, a bail bondsman has to be licensed to carry on business within the state. All bail bondsmen have lengthy agreements. For example all agreements in Clayton County bail bonds are confirmed by the Georgia Department of Insurance. For state charges, this bail bondsman charges a fee of 10% whereas 15% is charged for a federal charge.

There are courts in the United States that have started a practice of accepting 15% of the bail bond amount in cash. So in dominions where the 15% cash alternative is available, the deposit is usually returned if the case is concluded without violation of the bail bond terms and conditions.

In large bail amounts such as in excess of $100000, these bail agents can obtain security against the assets of the defendant. If they don’t have the financial muscle then the bail bondsman can put the assets of the people willing to support the defendant as collateral. For example, for a $100,000 bond for a person who owns a yacht, the agent would charge $10,000 and take the yacht as collateral.

If the defendant fails to appear in court and runs away from the contractual obligations he/she had agreed to with the bail bond agent then the court has given the right to the Clayton County bonding agent to bring back the defendant to the court in order to recover the money paid out under the bail bond. Bounty hunters are usually hired for this purpose. Bounty hunters hunt for these fugitives so that they get compensated for their efforts with a financial reward. Some states in the United States of America have outlawed the hiring of “bounty hunters” so in these states each bail bondsman must capture and bring to justice their own runaway clients. In other cases, they are now called “bail recovery agents.” People who guaranteed the defendants appearance in court can also be sued by the bail bonds agent for financial compensation as these people gave acknowledgement of the moral integrity and character of the runaway defendant’s. There are organizations that often provide bail bondsman; AAA (formerly the American Automobile Association that has 54 million members in the United States and Canada for instance, extends its auto coverage to include local Clayton County bail bondsmen for traffic related arrests. This provides an extra service to their members, and frees the member from needing immediate cash. However, bail bond agents have said that they have never posted a bail bond through AAA, as AAA doesn’t cover any arrest involving drugs or alcohol. AAA drivers who are stopped for traffic infractions are given tickets and those who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol are arrested and AAA doesn’t cover their release from jail.

Bail Bonds & Clayton County Controversy

As mentioned earlier, bail bonds in Clayton County, Georgia are a controversial topic, and in many states and alternatives to it do exist such as the 15% cash alternate. A total of four states in the United States of America have completely banned commercial bail bonding as they see it detrimental towards the greater good of society. These states that are Wisconsin, Oregon, Illinois and Kentucky have substituted the above said system with the 10% cash alternative. Georgia and the counties surrounding the Clayton County metropolitan area still offer commercial bail bonds services.

The financially biased impact of the bail bonding framework has been questionable and subject to a numbers of changes. The business proof shows that judges in setting safeguard requested lower probabilities of flight from minority litigants. Clayton County Bail Bonding agents help discharge more people accused of higher criminal acts, rather than individuals accused of minor wrongdoings.

A few prominent cases including bondsman offenses have prompted calls for expanded regulation of the business. People say that bails through bail bonding should be hard to come by as when criminals get released they do for more crimes and make an open mockery of the justice system. In 2011 nearly 200 murders were committed by people who were released on bail through bail bonding, not in Clayton County Georgia alone, but throughout the United States. More than 500 murders were committed over the past 12 years by someone on bail in America alone. The problem with bail, especially with violent offenders is that once someone is already facing charges for one offence they may well have absolutely nothing to lose by committing further offences and crimes. Offenders those are highly likely to be sentenced have very little motivation not to offend further under such circumstances. Experts say that the rise in bails is due to pressure on the prisons infrastructure and budget. There are already too many inmates to take care of so judges release a lot of them on bail to ease the pressure.

How to Post Bail in Clayton County Georgia

Now to quickly wrap up on how a person can post bail in Clayton County Georgia. When somebody is captured, he or she is first taken to a police headquarters and the suspects’ data (name, address, birthday, appearance) is recorded and past criminal record is checked. The cop takes the suspect’s fingerprints and photo (mug shot). The suspect gets to make a phone call and then is put in a jail cell.

For less genuine unlawful acts, a suspect may be permitted to post bail instantly. Something else, the suspect will need to hold up (typically under 48 hours) for the judge to figure out whether the person is qualified for bail or not and at what cost.

The amount of bail money in Clayton County relies on upon the seriousness of the wrong doing but also on whether the judge is lenient or strict. Different states have different bail charges. For instance, in Los Angeles, the usual bail charges are $25,000 for rape and $100,000 for murder.

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