Clayton County is in northern Georgia, and its largest city is Forest Park. Jonesboro, Georgia is another popular city in the county, and it is also the county seat. Were you aware that Clayton County, GA was the setting for parts of both the movie and the book ‘Gone With The Wind?’ The county and its cities suddenly seem like much more interesting places to explore, don’t they? Let’s get to looking at some of the top places of interest for you to discover when traveling to the area.

Clayton County, Georgia: A Rich History

ClaytonStately Oaks Plantation is in Jonesboro, Georgia on Carriage Lane in the heart of Clayton County, Georgia. Your tour guide will be dressed in a period costume according to reviews. This historical plantation dates back to the Civil War. People mention that there is a country store there, which means you might also be able to find some unique souvenirs. There is also a connection between the plantation and Margaret Mitchell. If you’re not as familiar with the classic movie Gone With the Wind, maybe you should watch it before you visit Clayton, but frankly Scarlett, I don’t give a damn.

That was just my one chance in recent history to use that popular movie line that will forever be a part of US pop culture. Now on to the next place of interest of this particular Georgia county. Located on Highway 138 SE is the Clayton County International Park. It is a great place to go biking, hiking and enjoy a family picnic. There is also a man-made beach there, so you can’t beat that. The kids will love this adventure, and yes, there are playgrounds there, too.

Ashley Oaks Mansion is another place of interest in Jonesboro, GA. I was going to tell you about the National Museum of Commercial Aviation in Forest Park, too, but the last review states that it has been shut down. That’s too bad, but you will still want to check out Forest Park, the largest city in Clayton County GA. To be honest, however, it appears that most of the things to do and top attractions are in the county seat, Jonesboro GA.

Another Clayton County, GA Point of Interest

Let’s get to looking at what you will discover at Ashley Oaks Mansion. It is a Gone With The Wind experience the reviewers say, and that is definitely a theme for Clayton County. It was also the theme in Cobb County GA as well. So again, if you plan on visiting this area of the state, you might as well watch Gone With The Wind so that you can get all excited about the tours you will take.

Clayton County, Georgia: A Tasteful Retreat

In case you missed our last post entitled: Clayton County: Welcome Home! then I highly suggest you go check it out before you make the trip to this part of Georgia. Clayton County, Georgia seems like quite the interesting place, doesn’t it? It not only seems like a nice place to vacation but also a nice place to live. You will get to enjoy the adventures described and so much more. When you decide to book your vacation in Clayton County, it would be a good idea to find a hotel in Jonesboro. Then all you have to do is make your way around to all of these places of interest.