Maybe you’re someone that lives in Clayton County or the metropolitan area of Atlanta, Georgia. Maybe you’re just someone with money to invest in the region. Well then, you might be wondering just where in this place you should put your resources and attention. Clayton County is certainly one place to look. This county is in the central northern part of Georgia. Jonesboro is the county seat, and the 2010 United States Census recorded a population just over a quarter of a million people in size.

Clayton County GA is Small Business Friendly

Clayton County Business Growth in GeorgiaAs part of the metropolitan statistical area covering Atlanta, Sandy Springs, and Roswell, Clayton County is a growing area, so it is certainly rife with economic growth and opportunity for those looking to ride the expansion happening here. So, it begs the question, does knowing Clayton County economic development plans help you do that?

While not all economic development happens exactly as civic leaders and government officials decide it might, their decisions do influence growth drastically. This is certainly seen in any areas that have zoning ordinances that oversee what kinds of businesses, industries, or residences might be permitted on particular lots of property. For instance, our Clayton County location is right in the middle of general business zoning. We couldn’t do business otherwise. Also, governments must make sure that they have sufficient tax bases to provide services for more businesses and people in the area.

Having said all this, knowing just what kinds of industry or businesses that various levels of government and their departments are trying to lure to Clayton County for economic development can help you possibly take advantage of tax breaks and other incentives that might be offered in order to bring new businesses here. Many governments have learned from previous recessions and generations that the secret to maintaining steady tax revenue through economic volatility and market evolution is to have a broad base to draw from featuring a diverse number of sectors or industries . Many localities in Georgia used to rely heavily on cotton farming and textiles like Lovejoy, Georgia, but no longer can do so.

Clayton County economic development plans aren’t always found in one place, which can possibly prove frustrating. The various towns and cities of the county might each have their own independent plans, while there might be initiatives happening at the state level of government. The best thing to do is to check in with the county government of Clayton County, as they’ll have their finger on everything, with connections both above to the state level and below to the smaller municipalities within the county borders.

You won’t have to make many phone calls or send many emails to find tow areas where economic development is already booming in Clayton County. The first is very much the residential sector. Atlanta’s population continues to grow, and much of this is featured in suburban areas like Clayton County, so housing and construction are good places to look. Of course, those residents are going to need amenities ranging from gas stations and restaurants to entertainment like movie theaters.

A second primary feature of Clayton County that always provides business possibilities is the fact that it is home to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Read more about how the Clayton County sales tax rate helped to make it one of the busiest airports in the world in both terms of flights taking off and landing and sheer numbers of passengers.