If you’ve ever been to some sort of significant event venue in Clayton County, Georgia, whether it be a wedding, bar mitzvah, birthday party, company meeting, etc., chances are you remember it clearly. That’s primarily because there aren’t too many event spaces in the area. Of course, there’s HOPE Banquet Hall, but here’s one of the best meeting spaces of all, if you can afford it.

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Clayton County’s Stately Oaks Plantation

The Historic Stately Oaks Plantation

The Stately Oaks Plantation in Jonesboro is a major tourist attraction in Clayton County, Georgia. There you will find the original home, which is of a Greek Revival architecture from the antebellum period, nestled in the land that is commonly referred to as “Gone With the Wind” land. In addition to the home, the property has a one-room schoolhouse, country store, cook house and more from the time period.

A great deal of work goes into maintaining these buildings out of the desire to preserve the history, culture and way of life of the people that had once lived and worked there. To pay homage to the true history of the land there is also a re-created Creek Indian Village behind the schoolhouse as a reminder of what existed before the Europeans had arrived.

Tours of this Clayton County home are given Monday through Saturday. If you are one to enjoy the entire feel of a time period it is highly recommended that you visit on Saturday, when you are guaranteed to be guided by someone dressed appropriately from the time period. If you are lucky you may be guided by such a steward during the week, but it is more likely that your tour will be done via a CD.

Clayton County Event Space

Clayton County’s HOPE Banquet Hall

The Stately Oaks Plantation also holds monthly special events that focus on a specific theme from the era. One is referred to as the Mourning Tours. On that tour you will learn what it was like to face the loss of a loved one. This includes what was expected behavior of the closest family members of the deceased. Other themes include the Clayton County Valentine Exhibit and the Living History of the Civil War and how civilians faced approaching Union soldiers.

The main structure, the home, was built in 1839, just over 20 years before the beginning of the American Civil War. This was during the peak of the southern economy and culture. At that time there was not much to hint to the fact that life would soon drastically change in the south, especially for the wealthiest of its citizens. It was built by Mr. Whitmill Allen. He then sold the home to Robert McCord in 1858 after deciding to move to Texas.

The connection of Clayton County, Georgia to the well known book and movie, “Gone With the Wind”, is that it is located in the very same city as the fictitious Tara. Tara was the homestead of Scarlet, who faced the challenge of paying taxes on her plantation even though it was no longer reaping the financial benefits that it once had before the war. The theme from the story came from the writer’s experiences hearing stories from family members that lived in the area during that time.

If you are a fan of history then this is a great place to plan for your next vacation. The Stately Oaks Plantation in Jonesboro, Clayton County, GA has a large variety of things to see and do. For more things to do in the area, be sure to check out the Clayton County International Park. Whether you come during the week or during one of their special events, you are sure to be pleased with the experience.