Located in Morrow, Clayton County, Georgia, is a place called the National Archives at Atlanta. This is a location that serves not only the state of Georgia, but many other states as well. There are so many things here of value that you should definitely make an effort to go and see it! It has a microfilm research room that many people utilize, and also in archival research room. They have an extensive number of microfilm holdings, providing people with information that they may need for general historic interest and also genealogy research. Let’s look at what you will find if you get a chance to visit the National Archives at Atlanta.

Clayton County GA’s National Archives At Atlanta

Clayton County National Archives in AtlantaThis is a large building that has about 180,000 cubic feet of space, specifically dedicated to those that need to do research at this Clayton County Georgia facility. Much of the information that they have goes all the way back to 1716. This information will contain architectural drawings, photographs and maps. There are also online exhibits that you can look at if you would prefer seeing those instead of driving to the actual facility. If you physically need to go there in order to do research, they are open Monday through Friday, much like other businesses in Clayton. If you arrive between the hours of 8:30 AM and 5 PM, that will give you plenty of time to go through the information that is stored at this location.

Online Exhibits That You Can View

Some of the online exhibits that are available will include those that are related to public health and the federal government. There is information in regard to epidemics that have occurred, and issues regarding ethics and education. They also discuss what they referred to as the Long Simmer, referencing how the American South was affected by the Cold War. Another area of interest is called the Valley of the Dams which is going to present information about the Tennessee Valley Authority. There is information about Martin Luther King under the heading of The Enduring Chronicle, and quite a bit of info on World War II, specifically what was happening at the southern home front and throughout Clayton County, GA. Finally, they also have national pastime archives, available in the national archives for all to see. If any of this information is something that you are interested in viewing, you can access this online from your computer.

Record Groups And More

In the section called Record Groups you can see different records regarding the Office of Education, the United States Railroad Administration, and information on Clayton County and Federal district courts. You can see listings that discuss happenings regarding federal laws related to the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Perhaps you are looking for something on the United States Coast Guard, or the United States customs service. All of this is readily available for those that will take the time to go through this vast amount of information that is located just south of Atlanta in Clayton County.

The National Archives at Atlanta in Clayton County will provide you with many different options for those that are doing research projects, new stories, or for those that just have a general interest in some of these topics. To view more significant places in the area, check out this historic Clayton County event venue! Whether you visit in person, or you decide to look at the information that is available on the web, there should be something of interest for you. If you are going to be in Atlanta, consider driving south to see this building which contains so much information.