It is time to have some fun in Clayton County Georgia. The last article featured places of interest in Jonesboro, and this round is going to be all about the city of Morrow GA. There are going to be three featured places of interest, a brunch spot and a place to enjoy a nice dinner. If that sounds like a plan to you, then it is time to book that rustic vacation experience in Morrow, Clayton County, GA.

Clayton County Georgia’s Main Attractions

Clayton County AttractionsThe first place of interest is Reynolds Nature Preserve, and it is found on Reynolds Road. One person calls this place of interest a way to enjoy nature without you having to venture outside the city. Reynolds Nature Preserve sits on 146 acres, and there is a four mile walking trail. Not only do you get to check out the animals out there in their natural habitat, but there are guides who show you snakes on display as well as other animals.

Spivey Hall is also a popular place of interest in Clayton County, GA. You will find Spivey Hall on Clayton State Boulevard, pretty close to our Clayton County office. This is a beautiful theater venue, and you can even check to see if any performances are going to be taking place while you are in Morrow. Even if there isn’t a performance scheduled, Spivey Hall is a nice place to visit in Clayton.

The National Archives at Atlanta is the third place of interest, and it is located on Jonesboro Road. The National Archives at Atlanta is full of history the reviews say so you are talking about one interesting place. If this is your type of place to visit, plan on spending plenty of time there, as there is tons to explore.

Dining Out in Clayton County GA

Truett’s Grill is your top spot for breakfast or lunch in Clayton County, Georgia – specifically Morrow. Chicken sandwiches, waffle fries and fried okra are just a few of your choices. The place features a breakfast buffet, and within Morrow, your choices are limited for breakfast unless you want to go to a regular restaurant like Cracker Barrel or IHOP without trying something new. Truett’s Grill sounds like a great place to grab a meal indeed.

Then for dinner, why not hop on over to Soul Delicious Grill and Buffet. Soul Delicious Grill and Buffet is located on Zion Road. Tell you what, after a buffet for breakfast and a buffet for dinner, you might not move the next day. In all seriousness, you know this buffet is going to be a good one when you have all that soul food to choose from. Barbecue chicken, lasagna, collard greens, mac n cheese and much more awaits you.

That Wraps Up Our Clayton County Georgia Installment

If you didn’t read our other two articles on Clayton, I would go do so now. The last one was called Clayton County Georgia: The Best Of and we wrote a lot more about the local attractions. Now you have three places of interest and two great restaurants to visit while in Morrow GA. It is going to be fun exploring Clayton County, not just the city of Morrow but Jonesboro and others, too. Are you ready to take off on your trip now? Get ready to explore all the fun places of interest in Clayton County Georgia.