Located south of Atlanta, the Clayton County International Park is a beautiful location that you should consider visiting. If you travel to Jonesboro, you will see the signs that will lead you to this destination. On their website, you can see the many different activities that you will be able to do while you are there.

Clayton County International Park Overview

Clayton County International Park GeorgiaThe mission statement of the recreation department of Clayton County is that it is designed to foster positive experiences and leisurely activities that are safe for everyone that visits. Let’s look at a few of the many things that you will find if you spend a few hours at the Clayton County International Park.

Origins Of Clayton County International Park

This park was originally designed during 1996, specifically for the Summer Olympics. It was made because of the beach volleyball competition that was at this location. Clayton County, GA is sort of off the beaten path, so to say, and it was a great idea to have this away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the games.One of the main parts of the park is the Lakeview View Complex which is often used for outdoor venues such as concerts. There are also several other activities that you will be able to participate in such as fishing, soccer games, softball, and you can also ride on the bike trails. It’s also a water park, allowing people to enjoy the fishing and swimming that is accessible. It is close to many bodies of water including Lake Spivey and Indian Lake.

What’s Up with this “International” Park in  Clayton County, GA?

At the time of this writing, this park in Clayton County, GA is currently closed. It is going through an extensive renovation. These upgrades are occurring at the beach, and it will not be open all throughout 2018. There are still pavilion rentals available, but the VIP complex is closed. Once it does open, the current admission prices range between $9 and $11, and children that are two years of age, or younger, are allowed to come in for free.

There are many athletic activities that are done at the park. For example, there are Clayton County youth baseball, basketball, cheer-leading, dance, football, and soccer leagues. There is also an area for people that do softball, track and field, and there are areas where people can do swimming. The recreation services, green space, and the International park beach are all part of the spark which people come to enjoy. All of the information that you will need about the park is located on the official Clayton Parks website. You can learn about activities that you can do at the park, when it is open, and facility rentals.

If you are heading into Jonesboro, or if you will be staying in Atlanta, you may want to consider visiting the Clayton County International Park. This location is one of the nicest Clayton County attractions in the Atlanta area. Once it reopens, it will be even better than it is right now. It is a facility that is used by thousands of people every year. Whether you are visiting the Atlanta area, or if you will be moving into Jonesboro, this will certainly be one of the top locations that you will be visiting during the spring and summer months.