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  • Depending on your qualifications, you may be offered a payment plan.
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24/7 Cobb County Bondsman near me and Jail Bond Information.
 24 hour bail bonds near me.
Get an inmate bonded out of most jails in Cobb Co instead of paying bail.
Defendant pre-trial release and pretrial detention documents are available.
Legal and financial help for defendants with our bonding company near Cobb County jail.
Payment plans with low rates were first established by Peter P. McDonough and our corporation followed suit.
Our top-rated bonding company gets your friend or loved one released from jail on bond with high customer satisfaction.

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    1. Make sure that the location of the inmate is the Cobb County jail.
    1. Call our bail bonds services with the details of the defendant.
    1. We’ll tell you the bail amount and payment options for our bonds.
    1. We’ll immediately get to work on the defendant’s release.
    1. After that, your friend or loved one gets released from jail.
  1. Be sure the defendant shows up for the judge on their court date!

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Get an inmate out fast with our bail bonds in Cobb County, GA.

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Price Range: $ (10%-15% of bail) + jail fees.

Getting a bonding company to answer the phone can be difficult. Not with us. Our bail bonds experts are available 24 hours a day and will answer any question you have about bail bonds, how they work, requirements to be a co-signer, etc. Under the Eighth Amendment of the United States Constitution and the Excessive Bail Clause, accused persons should be allowed conditional release. When traditional pretrial services programs are not affordable, call our bonding offices. All you have to do to get your friend or loved one out of jail is call the phone number above and select the option for Cobb County. Just remember that by cosigning on the bond, you are responsible for making sure that the defendant appears in front of the judge for all of their court dates. A fail to appear charge is not something that the inmate wants on his/her permanent record. The industry of bounty hunting is becoming overwhelmed with these types of situations, so make sure they show up on their court date.Getting an inmate released on bond is one thing. Getting them to show up for court is another.

We thank you for considering our Cobb County bail bonds service. We’d love to have you as a client, but we think its only fair to share that you have another option. For getting a defendant out of jail, its also important to realize that you may also pay the full amount of bail to the jail instead of looking into bonds. Most people don’t have several thousands of dollars for this though, which is why we offer our bondsman services. If you do have the financial means though, we would like to bring this option to your attention. Even more than that, we advise you to check the inmate’s bonding status ahead of time. It might be that they don’t even need a commercial surety and may just need a signature bond in which the jail releases them on their own recognizance. On the other hand, if they have to do a cash bond, then bondsmen can’t help. You have to pay that to the court.

bail bondsman near cobb county jail for citation release or a property bond.Our bail bonds agent is very close to the jail to make the process very easy for you. Our bondsman runs his whole operation for Cobb with a very competent team of individuals. Here’s how the process works. In return for the release of a defendant from jail, bondsmen in Cobb County, GA act as a trusted entity to vouch for the accused and promise that they will show up for their court proceedings. Our services can be classified as a type of loan or insurance policy. As such, its important for you to understand the responsibility of such a financial transaction. Insurance companies tend to shy away from policies that appear to be too high risk. An inmate who is already in jail would definitely be considered risky. This is why cosigners on bail bonds must meet certain requirements. All bail bonds in Cobb have insurance companies and banks backing them. They verify the bonds through an underwriting process and instill more trust for the courts to consider as an option instead of just paying the full amount of bail. Only by being licensed through the state of Georgia and an insurance company can a bail bonds agent do business in Cobb. This also helps with prison overcrowding due to mass incarceration of minorities and the poor.

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