Schools are a critical part of the success of a community and nation. Having the opportunity to send your child to the best school in your area has value that will last them and those that they interact with for a lifetime. If you are from the Cobb County GA area, or are considering a move to the region, then there are some things that you definitely need to know about your school options.

Cobb County Georgia’s Top Ranked Schools

Lassiter High School in Cobb County GeorgiaThe highest ranking school in Cobb County, Georgia is Walton School. They have a 94% graduation rate, which is rather high when it comes to the norm in the country. It is also rated as the #5 school in the entire state of Georgia. At Walton students are geared towards college prep, taking college level course in their last two years as well as a heavy focus on entrance exam preparation. They are rated with a 70.4 in college readiness. This is the very best high school that they county has. This school has been awarded a gold star for their overall performance.

The next best high school in Cobb County is Lassiter High School. They also have a 94% graduation rate and offer advanced placement courses and testing. They, however, do fall a behind on their college readiness, sitting at a 57.1. They are ranked as the 16th best school in the state of Georgia, which is nothing to be ashamed about. They are still ranked as a gold star school.

Pope High School also is ranked rather high for the state at #22. They have a 92% graduation rate, which is only slightly lower than its counterparts. Their college readiness score is a 51.7, but they do still offer an extensive list of advanced placement classes, tests and other opportunities. This is a silver star school and they are head and shoulders above other schools. View more about some of the work we plan on doing in Cobb County GA with some of the schools. Crime prevention education is high on our list.

Harrison High School is just behind Pope High School with a state ranking of #24. They have a higher graduation rate at 94%, but their college readiness is slightly lower at 49.3. It has also been given a silver star for their overall credentials.

Last, but not least in Cobb County, is Hillgrove High School. They are ranked at #34 in the entire state of Georgia. They have a 91% graduation rate and their college readiness score is a 39.0. This is not necessarily the ideal school for preparing for college, but with hard work it is still quite feasible. They are a silver star school, so you can be confident your child would still receive a high quality education.

Choosing the Right Educational Experience in Cobb County GA

The school that your child attends for high school can be critical when it comes to getting into the best college possible. Not only does the child’s grades matter, but the college will consider the reputation of the high school as well. If you have the opportunity to take advantage of the best schools in Cobb County, GA, then you absolutely should. Not only are they some of the best schools in the state, but are highly ranked nationally as well. The high ratings of these particular schools can partially be attributed to Cobb County’s sales tax, but more importantly, to the high achieving teachers and administrators who make our communities and our youth shine!