Located in Cobb County, Georgia – just outside of the City of Atlanta, is a place called the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre. It is northwest of Atlanta, something you will find as you drive past Buckhead on I-75. I had the unique experience of discovering this place while I was doing some research at the Powder Springs Library for one of my colleagues. I had to go there and double-check some references and I actually had a great time doing so! Who would have thought that research could be so exhilarating?

Cobb County GA’s Premier Venue for the Arts

Cobb County Georgia's Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre picture.It is referenced as a performing arts facility, one of the first to be built in several decades and adds to the already expanding economic developments in Cobb County. You can see ballet, concerts, and Broadway shows, plus family events and operas. This world-class facility is designed to provide a place for cultural diversity and entertainment experiences. It will help promote community partnerships, and at the very least, it is designed to inspire individuals that are interested in trauma and artwork.

It is a beautiful and artistically made structure, one that is designed to attract performers from all over the world. It has entertainment value, but it is primarily designed to educate the public on community arts. It will cater to a wide range of different individuals with the many different events that are regularly planned. They have designed the entire complex to focus on programming, education, service, and governance that can help improve business growth near our Cobb County location and vitality in the Atlanta area overall. It includes a nearly 3000 seat auditorium, a ballroom, terrace, and there are a thousand parking spaces plus a food court where people can eat. There are many events that you will be able to see, some of which will be designed for people of all ages.

Cobb Energy Center Current Events in Cobb County, GA

At the time of this writing, they are actually presenting The Flying Dutchman with The Atlanta Opera. There is also The Legend of Zelda, and as Christmas approaches, they will have many artists that will perform classic Christmas songs. No matter if you live in Cobb County or not and regardless of whether you are going there to hear an opera, watch a play, or listen to a concert, all of these venues will be appealing. You can pick and choose from the different ones that are available at the time of your arrival in Atlanta so that you can enjoy a memorable experience.

How To Plan Your Visit to Cobb County, Georgia

Cobb County Powder Springs LibraryDo like I did when researching this place from the library in Powder Springs, Georgia. When you go to the website, you will see links that will show you how to drive there, and will give you information on parking. They can also tell you about public transportation that is available, and the many different restaurants and hotels in the area. It also provides wheelchair accessibility and seating, making this as easy as possible for the general public to attend. They tend to have special events to commemorate the seasons and holidays, which many residents of Cobb County GA enjoy, and all of which will be listed on their website or you can find out information by calling them directly.

If you have not been to the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre, you do not know what you are missing. As the events change, you may find something that is very appealing, and you will want to buy tickets so that you can attend. Regardless of your interests, you should be able to find a performance that will be applicable to you. If you’re looking for more things to do in Cobb County centered on the arts, then also check out this Cobb County museum. Find out more today about the many different events that are currently planned out the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre.