Located in Cobb County, Georgia, between Smyrna and Kennesaw, is the Gone with the Wind Museum. If you are a fan of the movie, you will definitely like the different items that you will see you there. It is designed to commemorate this classic movie.

One of Cobb County GA’s Top Attractions

Cobb County GA Gone with the Wind Museum.The Gone With the Wind Museum has been open since 2003, operating out of the Old Thomas warehouse building in Cobb County, GA. It has quite a bit of memorabilia that is related to the movie. This is provided by an individual by the name of Dr. Christopher Sullivan, a fan of the movie, and it will have something for everyone including aficionados to novices. Here is an overview of what you will see when you arrive at this beautiful museum that is designed to give you an inside look at this classic movie.

What Will You See at this Cobb County Museum?

There are quite a few items of memorabilia that are related to the movie at this historical attraction in Cobb County GA. One of them is the honeymoon gown that was worn Vivian Leigh when she played the role of Scarlet O’Hara. There are personal novels from Margaret Mitchell, and there is quite a bit of information on the African-American cast members that were part of the movie. There are publicity books, contracts, and rare costume pieces. There is also an assortment of posters, programs, advertisements, and a multitude of collectibles. Not only was this an Academy award-winning movie, but also a Pulitzer prize-winning book, one that you should learn a little bit more about.

Where in Cobb County, Georgia is it located?

The Gone With the Wind Museum is located in Cobb County, Georgia, in an area where many people go to visit called Marietta Square. If you have ever been down Whitlock Avenue before, it’s within walking distance of some of the shops and restaurants that people frequent. It is designed to be affordable, costing less than $10 for adults, seniors and students. Even the military will get a discount because of their service. In addition to all of the memorabilia, you can learn more about the movie, and how it came to be. It is a beautiful location, one that is worth the visit right outside of Atlanta if you happen to be staying in the city on vacation or if you are there for business.

This is going to be open Monday through Saturday. The hours of operation are 10 AM to 5 PM. It does close for major winter holidays, and it is always closed on Sundays, much like the other businesses in Cobb County, but they give you plenty of time to get in to see everything. There are also events scheduled at different times. You can rent the museum, and there is a gift shop that is available. This will allow you to pick up souvenirs that you would like to have after visiting. There is also a visitor information section where you can ask questions that need to be answered.

If you have never seen Gone With the Wind, or if you are a huge fan of the movie, this is a local Cobb County favorite that you will enjoy. It is well-designed, presenting information that will be applicable to people that know about the book and movie, or those that don’t. For those that have been there before, they often want to return because of the many different things they may not have seen. If you happen to be in the Atlanta area, and you have a few hours to spare, check out the Cobb County ballpark, but definitely consider visiting the Gone With the Wind Museum.