Cobb County is located in northwest Georgia. Are you familiar with the city of Marietta? If you haven’t heard of the county’s largest city or of the county itself, you might not have known that in terms of population, Cobb County ranks third in the state. Planning a trip to this part of Georgia would be a great adventure. Read on to find out about some of the places of interest in this great county in Georgia!

Cobb County GA: Must-Visits!

Cobb County Georgia Six Flags White WaterMarietta Square is one of those places of interest, and people say the best time to visit is on Saturday morning. That is when everything is happening, and you can take in the scene while mingling with all of the locals. You will find a farmers market there, ice cream shops, Glover Park, antique stores and much more. They say there are also free concerts from time to time.

Sope Creek Trail is another place of interest in Cobb County Georgia, and you can find it on Paper Mill Road SE. Sope Creek Trail is a great area for walking and enjoying nature, and guess what, you will get to see historic ruins. You do want to know that if you want to make it to the creek and back, reviews say the hike each way is uphill. Not quite as awesome as Six Flags White Water in Marietta, GA, but it’ll do in a pinch.

Like History? Check Out These Cobb County Georgia Landmarks!

How does visiting the Gone With The Wind Movie Museum sound to you? This museum is located on Whitlock Avenue in Marietta, right in the middle of Cobb County, and there is supposed to be quite the private collection available there on display. You will see original costumes and much more. It seems like it would be fun because it is a different type of museum.

This next place of interest in Cobb County is going to grab your attention and make you wonder. It is called the Naughty Soda Brewery, and it is located on Northwest Parkway SE. This place breed hard soda, beer and looks like a fun place to visit when you look at the people in the pictures having a blast. It is a small place, but it is a place you won’t forget, a unique attraction for sure. Don’t forget to pick up that souvenir glass while you are there.

2 More Fun Things in Cobb County, GA

The Marietta Fire Museum is also a neat place of interest to visit in Cobb County GA. You can find the Marietta Fire Museum on Haynes Street, and according to the reviews, it is very interesting to see the history of the equipment and fire fighting procedures. When do you get to go to a firefighters museum? You might as well take the opportunity.

Cobb Antique Mall is another popular place to visit, and you can find it on Cobb Parkway North. People say that this antique mall is quite large, and you will find tons of booths. Are you set now to have a great time in Cobb County, Georgia? If you missed the last post where we went over the history of Cobb County Georgia, be sure to check that out because Marietta is just one city in the county, but it’s the largest city, so it’s where all the fun is at. It’s also the county seat. Hop on over and see what all you get into on vacation.