What do you know about SunTrust Park in Cobb County? This Georgia stadium is a familiar sight to anyone who watches Major League Baseball regularly, but others might not be so familiar with it. Keep reading to learn a few things about this Atlanta-area landmark.

About SunTrust Park In Cobb County, Georgia

Cobb County GA SunTrust ParkThis baseball park sits roughly 10 miles to the northwest of the downtown area of Atlanta. It’s in Cobb County’s Cumberland neighborhood. It’s also the home stadium for the Atlanta Braves. They’ve played here going back to April of 2017, although the announcement that they would leave their previous home of Turner Field was back in November of 2013.

SunTrust Park saw construction happen through a public/private partnership, and the project budget was just over $600 million. Almost $400 million in bonds were issued for the project by Cobb-Marietta Coliseum & Exhibit Hall Authority. Over $350 million was raised through bonds by the county, and another $14 million happened thanks to transportation taxes. Various businesses of the Cumberland Community Improvement District in Cobb County Georgia contributed an additional $10 million. The rest happened thanks to the Braves franchise itself, which arranged funds for both The Battery Atlanta and SunTrust park.

A March 2015 security filing came from Liberty Media, the owners of the Braves. It allotted roughly $1.1 billion to cover SunTrust Bark and The Battery Atlanta. The franchise intends to spend almost $200 million over three decades to help in paying off the county’s bonds for this project.

The New York Yankees were the first visiting team to the Cobb County ballpark, as season ticket holders were treated to a preseason soft opening on the last day of March in spring of 2017. The first actual regular season game to be held in the park happened two weeks later, as the Braves took the field against the San Diego Padres on April 14th.

Cobb County GA’s Recent Panning and Development

Planning for SunTrust Park started in the summer of 2013, when the Braves were working with Tim Lee, then the Cobb County Commission Chairman. Together, they were looking for a list of potential construction sites within the county. The location that wound up being chosen happens to be beside a major highway interchange where Interstate 285 and Interstate 75 intersect. At the time, the franchise publically claimed that this location was near to the geographic center of their fan base.

Two facts were revealed about the park during the groundbreaking. First, naming rights had been sold for 25 years to SunTrust Banks, based in Cobb County, Georgia in Atlanta. Second, the capacity of the park would be just over 41,000 seats, roughly 8,000 less than the previous home of Turner Field.

Interestingly, the park doesn’t often have enough parking for all in attendance. However, shuttle services and public transportation connect fans and visitors to the park to a number of satellite lots, private lots, points of interest, and especially The Battery Atlanta. It’s an entertainment district built around the ballpark that had several hundred million dollars put into its construction at the same time SunTrust was constructed. View more places in Cobb County Georgia that you should visit in our previous posts!