Cobb County Georgia may seem like a tiny slice of America – but in fact it’s the entire pie. this is a region where you can experience everything that the United States has to offer. From friendly locals to the most high adrenaline sports this is a region that simply has it all.

You want history – the history that made the United States into the powerhouse that it is today – or go deeper and find out what makes the country tick – then Cobb County, Georgia is the place for you. Or alternatively you could just choose to absorb the ambiance of one of the friendliest places in the U.S.

Our Top Cobb County GA Recommendations

Cobb County Georgia ParkSo you want to eat? Well Cobb County, Georgia has it all! Want to get down with your culinary inner soul? Cobb County has got you covered with some of the best restaurants in the Atlanta area. And the best news is that you don’t need to get all dressed up for some – come as you are and let your hair down.

Try Muss & Turner’s. This is a down home place where everyone is welcome. Great Southern inspired food with a fantastic atmosphere – this is a place that the whole family can simply enjoy themselves. The Gum Creek Farms Pork Belly for dinner is just fabulous. But don’t ignore the lunch menu – great value and awesome taste.

Cobb County, Georgia is Home to the Atlanta Braves!

Want something a little more in line with your need for adrenaline – then welcome to the home of the Atlanta Braves – Suntrust Park. Here you can take your seat among 40,000 other fans and enjoy some of the best baseball in the land – along with some of the greatest supporters in the United States.

The best thing about this place isn’t just our Cobb County office, its that you do not have to pay a cent to enjoy your time there. If you have an interest in history visit Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park. It is here where you can take a stroll through a place where the battles between Union and Confederate forces reached there peak. There are also numerous other battlefields where you can experience firsthand the struggle which would later lead to the establishment of the United States as we know it today.

Other Cobb County GA Attractions

For those who want to throw off the worries of work and the big city Marietta Square is the place to be. Of course you could indulge in a menu at one of the fantastic restaurants in the area. But for those in the know the correct thing is to pack a picnic basket and enjoy the sunshine under some beautiful sheltering trees just like in Swift Cantrell Park in the northern part of Cobb County. You can pick up fresh honey, breads, cheese and jelly. In fact everything you need for that perfect picnic is available. To see even more places to go, read our previous post on Cobb County Georgia’s Places of Interest. You’ll be shocked at how many awesome things Cobb has to offer!

This is a must visit stop for anyone who is visiting the Southern United Sates – simply don’t miss Cobb County!