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Why Choose Our DeKalb County Bail Bond Company?

  • Our bondsmen actually answer the phone and we’re open 24/7.
  • We walk you through the bail bond process if its your 1st time.
  • We have the best rates on bail bonds in DeKalb County, GA.
  • Our staff is courteous and professional
  • Our bondsman has years of experience with the DeKalb County jail.
  • Payment plans may be available if you qualify.
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  • A bail bond is a type of surety bond.
  • A cosigner can pledge money or property as bail for the appearance of a defendant in court.
  • Bounty hunting is legal in the United States.
  • The biggest threat to professional bail agents is a failure to appear.
  • Federal laws protect defendants from excessive bail.
  • A person is protected in the Excessive Bail Clause of the Eighth Amendment.
  • A defendant can also be temporarily released on recognizance (ROR).
  • If the suspect in custody has a restraining order, the person issuing the order cannot post bail for them

The Bail Bond Process for Dekalb County

1. Take note of the jail your friend or loved one is being held.
2. Call our Dekalb County bail bond agent w/the accused’s info.
3. We’ll verify and inform you of the cost of the bond.
4. We’ll immediately get to work on the defendant’s release.
5. The accused gets released from custody.
6. Make sure the defendant shows up on their court date!

Dekalb County Bail Agent
(770) 799-6756 is the #1 bail bond service in Dekalb County, Georgia. We connect you to the best bail bondsman in the metro area. Call us to post bail for your friend or loved one and don’t let them sit in jail any longer.


If a friend or loved one gets arrested, charged with a crime, and as is currently being held in custody in the Dekalb County Jail, you can bail them out by enlisting the services of a bonding company. Everyone makes mistakes and most people deserve a second chance. Moreover, some people get charged for crimes they did not commit. It is especially useful to have a bail bondsman at your service when this happens and understand how bail bonds work.

There are two options for getting a defendant released from custody in Dekalb County.

1. You can post bail directly to the jail for the entire amount of the bond.

2. You can opt to hire a bail agent (bondsman) who works for a reputable bonding company that is licensed in Dekalb County to get the defendant out of jail.

There are quite a few bonding companies in Dekalb County, but there are only a few who will post bail in a timely manner and walk you through how a bond works. When you call Bail Bonding Now, we’ll help you understand the bonding process from start to finish and won’t put you on hold unless its an emergency. Our bail bondsmen our courteous and respectful to each and every one of our clients. So, not only does our bonding company work extremely fast, we do it with professionalism.

Bond amounts are dictated by the Dekalb County court system and the judge has a lot of leeway in setting the bail amount in any defendant’s case. They’ll take into consideration: the person’s criminal history, their financial ability to pay the bail amount, the defendant’s flight risk, if gang activity was involved in the crime, the severity of the crime, and any potential threat to the community.

If the judge deems the defendant’s charges ‘low risk,’ they may just let the person be released on their own recognizance, also known as an ROR bond or signature bond. If there is significant risk, such as in capital murder crimes, than bail may be denied altogether. Then, there’s everything in-between. Our bail bondsmen don’t mess around with haggling or finessing rates. Provided bail has been set and you qualify to be a co-signer on the bond, a straight percentage of the total bond amount will be required plus any jail fees to get the defendant released from Dekalb County jail.

Picture of Dekalb County Jail

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We provide bail bond services for Dekalb County jail and the following municipal jails:

Don’t let your friend or loved one sit in jail longer than they have to. Call us now to post bail and we’ll get started on the bond process straight away to get the defendant released from Dekalb County Jail.