A failure to appear charge is a serious infraction in which a commercial bail bond most likely will not be granted. However, if the FTA (Failure to Appear) charge is deemed eligible for a surety bond, finding a bonding company to take on that risk will prove to be a challenge. To figure out the cost of a bond for a failure to appear charge, you might as well just figure that you’re going to be paying for the full amount directly to the court.

failure to appear bail bonds priceWhen people get arrested for an FTA charge, its almost always in conjunction with another crime that they have presently committed. When a defendant doesn’t appear for their court date, a default judgement is granted and a bench-warrant is put out for the defendant’s arrest. The police don’t go out and look for this person. They have to be detained for some reason in the future and when law enforcement runs their identification and finds the warrant, they will then be booked into jail. The amount of the bond for the failure to appear charge will vary from county to county. FTA bond prices differ greatly in municipal detention centers as well.

A Failure to Appear Bail Bond’s Price Depends on the Original Crime

Finding a bonding company to write a bail bond/surety bond for an FTA charge will be tough. It will be even more difficult if the original crime that the defendant did not appear for court in the first place for was a felony. If that’s the case, the accused person should get used to his or her jail environment until a bail hearing can be scheduled. Jumping bail has some serious consequences in general. Even more, FTA’s have very serious implications in the bail bond industry. The way that bail works is simple. The bonding company has the co-signer pay them a percentage of the full amount of the bond. The bondsman then writes a bond, which is backed by an insurance company and an account in escrow at a bank. As long as the person appears for court, then all is good with this service. If the defendant fails to appear for court, then the bonding company has to pay the full amount of the bond to the clerk of court. This is usually several thousand dollars and to make up for that loss, a bounty hunter (bail recovery agent) will be hired to look for the defendant and bring them back to jail. The court will then return the funds that the bonding company paid.

People can get a Failure to Appear charge for a variety of reason, like leaving the state or country for a family emergency. All in all, your best bet for figuring out how much a bond is for any failure to appear charge is to look at their information that is posted publicly on the jail’s inmate search portal online. You can do a simple search for whatever jail they’re in + inmate search and come up with the details. With the City of Atlanta Detention Center, you’ll have to call them directly to find out the amount of the bond. It could be just a few hundred dollars to several thousand, depending on the severity of the initial crime. Plan on paying for the full amount of the bond yourself without the assistance of a bonding company though.