Many people do not come into contact with the court system unless they are in trouble of some kind. It is because of this that the majority people have no idea how the court system works. That is true for most of the country and that is definitely true for Fulton County Georgia. When speaking about Fulton County, Georgia and how the court system works it works like many of the court systems around the country. It is a system that starts with law enforcement on the street level, then going to higher up law enforcement, then leading to the Fulton County Prosecutor’s office, this is where charges will be made based on the legality of what is going on.

The Structure of the Court System in Fulton County Georgia

Eastern Fulton County GASometimes, the district attorney will not make the decision to press charges are not it will instead go to a grand jury and the grand jury will decide if the elements of a crime meets the actions that an individual has taking to properly charge them with a crime. This is a system that is used all around the country but it is not used in every single case. It is typically used for more serious crimes and those type of crimes that get a lot of media attention.

It’s extremely important that you know your rights in Fulton County. If someone gets arrested anywhere in the county, they will most likely be transferred to the Fulton County jail, in which they may or may not know how the booking process works and could find themselves in a tough legal predicament. For these types of situations, we recommend that you contact one of our Fulton County bail agents to assist you in getting them out of jail in the most expedited manner possible.

In the courtroom you will have your traditional players. You will have your law enforcement agents who will act as a bailiff who will protect the courtroom. You have your court reporters who will keep a running record of everything that is being talked about, you of course have your attorneys for both the County and for the defendant and of course you will have a judge who was ruling over everything that happens in the courtroom. This is pretty much the standard setup that you will find just about anywhere.

As you can see, when it comes to the court system and Fulton County Georgia, it is just like the majority of the counties all across America. The system is pretty much structured in the same way and when things go well the law is upheld no matter where that leads us to. If we go into the deeper concerns of the law, especially criminal law, the ultimate goal is for justice to be served, for our loss to be applied indiscriminately and so that we can say that we have held up to our codified values. If you want more information on what living in Fulton County is like, see our previous post.