I just found out my nephew is moving here to Atlanta and is going to the Georgia Institute of Technology! We’re very excited about his choice of schools and we invited him to type up his thoughts about it. Below, you’ll find my nephew’s entry on why he’s chosen to move to Atlanta, GA and why he’s taking his education very seriously.

Starting School at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, GA

I’m just starting in my senior year of high school, and I don’t live anywhere close to Atlanta, Georgia. This is the time when everyone is worrying about college applications. Of course, I’m no exception.

I made a list of all of the schools that offered the programs I think I’d like to study. Then I sorted this list by distance from my parents’ home, tuition costs, reputation, and quality of the dormitories. The Georgia Institute of Technology came out pretty high on this list, so I decided to apply there as an early decision candidate. I think I might also get an internship at my uncle’s company in Atlanta while I’m there. I’m not sure if he’ll pay me or not, but its worth a try!

I really liked Georgia Tech because of its reputation as a research institution in the Atlanta community and nationwide. I’ve always wanted to be on the cutting edge of new discoveries, and a research university is the place to do that. There will always be something new and interesting to learn at a school that is always discovering something new!

To my surprise, I was accepted into my chosen program. I didn’t really think I was strong enough to be accepted in the early decision period, but apparently their admissions officers disagreed. So now while all of my friends are continuing to worry about filling out applications and writing admissions essays, I’m sitting pretty and relaxing. I already got into my college in Atlanta, after all.

I can’t take it too easy, of course. I still have high school credits to complete. If I failed classes this year, I’m sure the Georgia Institute of Technology would rescind my early decision offer. Plus, there are certain credits I need just to graduate high school. I definitely won’t be going to college if I don’t finish out my senior year successfully.

I’m already making plans for what I’ll do once I’m in college. I know that I will have to spend a lot of time studying, of course, but once I’m done studying it’ll be time to enjoy college life. This will be the first time I’m living outside my parents’ house, and I am looking forward to it!

Living in Atlanta will be a totally new experience for me. I’m from the South already, but I live in a small town. The big-city life of Atlanta should be exciting! I won’t be able to drink or attend over-21 clubs and bars, of course, but there is still a lot of nightlife in Atlanta that I will be able to participate in. I’m especially looking forward to discovering the local music scene.

Plus, there’s always campus life if I don’t want to go into the city. I’m looking forward to watching movies with my dorm-mates, eating meals in the dining hall with my friends, and doing whatever other fun activities the college plans for us during the weekends.

I’m so excited to have gotten into Georgia Tech this early in my senior year. I have a great college experience ahead of me and I don’t have to worry about filling out applications all year. I can relax and enjoy my senior year, and get ready to enjoy my college career as well.

Other Atlanta Universities

Well, there you have it. The paragraphs above were written by my nephew and he’s really excited. Can you blame him? Read more about some of the other colleges in the area, like this Atlanta university, which happens to be my personal favorite since that’s where I graduated from. You can make your own decision on where to go to college, obviously, but hopefully these last couple of posts have tipped the odds in Atlanta’s favor!