Located in North Midtown in Atlanta, the High Museum of Art is a beautiful location to visit. There are many things to see and events that are constantly set up to provide the community with many activities designed for both adults and children. It has about 500,000 people come to visit every year, a museum that was founded back in 1905. It was actually the result of a family with the last name of High that donated a home with artwork that led to the creation of what we have today.

Atlanta’s High Museum of Art: Overview

Atlanta GA High Museum of ArtAlthough it is most well-known for the many different types of artwork and displays that they have, national attention was brought to this Atlanta museum because of an accident that happened in 1962. Many people died in an airplane crash, along with a total of 130 people. At the time this represented the worst airline disaster that had ever occurred, and there were many people in prominent families that were lost. The founders of Berry College lost family members, along with many other individuals. The Louvre in Paris actually donated Whistler’s mother to be displayed at the museum as a way of showing their condolences. It was also because of this crash that the Atlanta Memorial Arts Center was built, and The Shade sculpture by Rodin was also donated in the memory of those that had died in the crash.

Atlanta Georgia’s Best Art Installations

You will see many different types of art at this museum located close to our actual office in Atlanta. There are about 15,000 individual pieces that are from all over the world. There is American art, European art, and African art just to name a few. Over 30% of the artwork that is there right now was acquired after its expansion right at the turn of the millennia. Many of the pieces of artwork include famous paintings by Francisco DiGiorgio and many others that are considered to be some of the best artists in the world. There is also quite a bit of photography that you will find at this Atlanta Georgia attraction. They consider photography to be on and even level with artwork that is drawn or painted. They also focus on southern self-taught artists that have several pieces at this museum which people can see when they visit.

There have been many notable exhibitions that have been shown at the museum including the terra-cotta army from China. There was also one that was focused on the Louvre and artwork from the ancient world. Modern art from Picasso, Andy Warhol, and Matisse have also been displayed at the High Museum of Art. One of the more popular exhibits was back in 2015 called Imagining New Worlds.

If you are going to be in Atlanta for a few days, you might think about stopping by. It is a beautiful location, one that will provide you with a wonderful experience as you see artwork from all over the world. Even if you are not an artist, or you have not been a fan of art, there will be exhibits that will be of interest to you. It’s just a hop away from one of the top schools in Atlanta and it’s one of the top places in the United States where you can see quality artwork. Consider visiting the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, Georgia this year.