This post features a non-Atlanta resident, my cousin Fred. He made a trip up to the city and had such a great time, he wrote about it here! Thanks Fred! His entry starts below this image.

South Atlanta Georgia

With the long Labor Day weekend approaching, I was looking for a way to make my weekend less boring. While watching television in my apartment, I saw a commercial about the Atlanta Falcons. Even though, I am not a fan of the team, the commercial did give me an idea of how to spend my weekend. I was going to take a day trip to Atlanta, Georgia.

From my apartment, it takes me around 3 and a half hours. I knew that if I timed it just right, I would be able to arrive in Atlanta and check into my hotel before the dreaded Atlanta traffic began.

My Visit to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens

I arrived in Atlanta around 1 pm. It was a little too early to check into my room, so I rode around looking for a way to spend some time. My first stop was the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

Simply walking around the garden and breathing in the fragrant smells is enough to make you forget about the bad traffic, crime and other urban legends about the city. This Botanical Garden covers over 15 acres and houses the largest selection of plant species in the southeastern United States.

I immediately felt connected with nature and was surprisingly relaxed even though my cell phone’s battery died on me while I was there. You must visit the Botanical Garden while you are in Atlanta. You will leave feeling refreshed and renewed.

I then Traveled to The CNN Center in the Heart of Atlanta, GA

After checking in to the hotel, I realized that I was not that far from CNN headquarters. I will be the first to admit that I do not watch the news as often as I probably should, but I thought that it would be cool to see if I could join a tour group. I was interested in getting a sneak peek inside the news network that was built by Ted Turner.

Fortunately, I was just in time to purchase a $15 ticket so I could get a studio tour of CNN. The tour lasted almost an hour, and I had a guide that walked with me through the halls of the news network. I was able to see how a live broadcast is created, produced and then sent to homes all over the world. I was also hoping I would get the chance to see Don Lemon. When I do watch CNN, I always wait for his segment. I then went and visited my cousin’s company in downtown Atlanta.

Atlanta South River WPC Plant & Little Five Points

On my way back to my hotel, I got lost. However, I did not mind once I realized I had arrived in Little Five Points. If you like eccentric, vintage and cool shops, you will love Little Five Points. This neighborhood is funky with street vendors and musicians at every turn. I also made a trip to South Atlanta to see how the city processes it’s water. It’s a strange hobby of mine, I know. I then traveled back up North to Little Five Points since there seemed to be a lot more going on in that area.

I was able to have a late lunch at the Vortex and the food was amazing. All the stores have a quirky atmosphere about them, and everyone from patrons to residents to store owners are very laid back.

I did not realize I was so tired until I returned to my hotel room. However, I must say I truly enjoyed my day trip to Atlanta, and will be returning to the city soon for a much longer getaway. Next time I’ll try to make it to Atlanta’s new stadium, the Mercedes-Benz Stadium!