Most business owners already know what the sales tax is in Atlanta, GA, but if you’re new to being a business owner then you’ll find this information very useful. Perhaps you’re wanting to make a major purchase and want to avoid some of Atlanta’s high tax rates. Either way, read on.

What Is The Current Sales Tax In Atlanta?

Atlanta sales taxSales tax in Atlanta is currently 4%. This has fluctuated over time, and it can also change depending upon where you are and the ZIP Code where you are living. A few years ago, George’s sales tax was 7.75%. However, there are also other figures to consider. For example, in the City of Atlanta Georgia, the combined sales tax rate is almost 9%. This takes into account Cobb County sales tax which is 3%. There is also the Atlanta tax rate which can go up to 1.5%. There is also the county rate which can go up to 3% and special rates which are almost 1%. Other differences can occur depending upon what you are purchasing. Read more about how tax rates don’t affect service industries like ours in Atlanta on our homepage. You can also refer to the main Georgia website to find out more information about these rates.

Why Does Atlanta Sales Tax Fluctuate?

The fluctuations occur simply because of how the tax rate is set up. For example, if your ZIP Code is 30323 in Atlanta Georgia, 4% is the least amount you will pay. The other possible tax rates are 6%, 7%, and if you have made a purchase in the 30303 Atlanta area, 8.9% is what you will pay. You will also see that out of the 120 ZIP Codes in Atlanta, 33 of them are charged based upon a ratio of what comes out to be 27.5%. Updates are made regularly, with the latest one at the time of this writing being updated in October 2007.

How Does Atlanta’s Tax Rate Compare To Other States?

There are other states that are far lower than Atlanta in Georgia. For example, there are five states that do not have any sales tax at all. If you have ever made a purchase in Oregon on the West Coast of the United States, or if you have been on the East Coast and made a purchase in Delaware or New Hampshire, you will not pay any sales tax. Alaska is another state that does not charge sales tax, and also the beautiful state of Montana. California, on the other hand, has the highest state sales tax which uses a base rate of 7.25%, but this is eclipsed by Puerto Rico which is over 10%.

How Are Places Outside of Atlanta Able To Not Charge Sales Tax?

The reason that some of these states do not charge sales taxes because of corporate income tax that they charge which is higher. These are actually very innovative states that understand charging a flat rate is so much easier. Instead of worrying about how much you’re going to pay for an item, when no sales tax is charged, you know exactly how much your purchase is going to be. However, it’s just how some states prefer to do business, and now you know how much you will pay in Atlanta when you make a purchase.

Regardless of where you live in Atlanta, the ZIP Code where your home is, you are going to pay a sales tax of some sort. You could actually drive to different areas to save money on sales tax, but you will probably lose money in gas. Overall, it is an average amount that you will have to pay. Atlanta is a beautiful place, and with huge projects to pay for, like Atlanta’s Hartfield-Jackson International Airport, along with many different products that you can buy, you will have to pay sales tax when you make a purchase.