Located in the Fulton County in Georgia, is a city called Milton (next to Alpharetta, GA). Since its incorporation in 2006, much has come to be known about Milton bail bonds and the area in general. One such fact is the crime rate which is quite low standing at 13 per a thousand residents. This is much lower than the average Georgia crime rate and the national crime rate as well. It is not only the safest place to stay in Georgia but also the most affluent of the cities in the Fulton County.

Milton Georgia Fulton County Bonding AgencyWith such a low crime rate, the chances of getting a friend or even yourself on the wrong side of the law are quite low. It is however not impossible and it is best to know how to go about it when that time comes.

There are many illegal activities that qualify as crimes which need bail bonds in Fulton County and the Milton bail bondsman stays just as busy as other areas in the county. The categories include murder, robberies, theft, assault, arson, rapes and burglaries. Any of these can land you in police custody and even court rooms. Staying in custody awaiting trial is very challenging and reduces the productivity of the accused individual greatly. The good news is that the US law allows for bail bonds to be paid by all awaiting trial. But what exactly is a bail bond and what does it involve? What laws govern this in Milton, Georgia?

Milton GA Bail Bonds

Also known as a criminal bond, a bail bond is a financial guarantee that an accused person will show up in court for all set hearings. The amount is paid so that a person is released from jail and can attend court hearings from home. When he or she fails to attend the court hearings, the court keeps the bond money and issues a warrant of arrest for the offender. It is simply a surety that the person accused will attend all set court hearings. Who pays the bail bond for accused persons? This can be anyone from close family members to distant relatives and even bails bonds agents who do this as a business.

In Milton and the entire Fulton County, not all crimes qualify the accused to get the chance to pay bail. According to most prosecutors in Alpharetta, those accused of serious crimes should not be allowed to have bail paid on their behalf. Read our resources on Alpharetta bail bonds on the next page. They claim that the period between release from jail and court hearings could provide such criminals with the chance to escape. So, whether guilty or not, being accused of serious crimes like murder in Milton, Georgia almost guarantees you that you will not have the chance to be bailed out.

Bail Bonds in Milton, Georgia

The amount of bail bond to be paid depends on the crime one is accused of. This ranges from own recognizance bail in which only a form needs to be signed by those accused of small crimes to superior court only bonds which are only set by superior courts for big crimes. The amount can be as little as none and can be as high as the judge necessitates. According the law governing Milton in Fulton County, accusations that necessitate a superior-court only bailing include hijacking, treason, murder, rape, aggravated sodomy, aggravated stalking, kidnapping and so on.

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