My mom visited our DeKalb County, GA location this last weekend! She has never been to the state of Georgia before and we asked her to write up a quick post on her experience. Here it is!

Dekalb County Georgia Stone MountainMost people take vacations in well-known locations such as Disney World, the Caribbean, New York city, Los Angeles and so forth. I however take vacations to relatively unknown cities and locations. I find it astonishing to always discover the friendliness of these quaint communities. I never plan a trip in advance but rather I simply go to a location and ask the local residents what are the uniquely best places to visit in their area.

Recently, I took a trip down south and visited a beautiful area called DeKalb County Georgia. DeKalb County is the 4th most populous county in Georgia and its location is just a short distance to the east of Atlanta. Some of the towns in this beautiful County include Tucker and Decatur. There are many interesting things to do and see while visiting this part of the United States including a visit to Stone Mountain Park, Davidson Arabia Mountain Nature Preserve, or Fernbank Museum of Natural History.

My Research on DeKalb County, Georgia

All of these destinations and many more are recommended if you go online and do some prior research before visiting DeKalb County. In fact, I would recommend any one of them but for me, as stated above, I prefer to search for unusual sites and locations. This is one of the reasons why I ask a local resident where they enjoy going besides the more common touristy areas.

The first recommendation that I received from a waitress in a small restaurant was a place called Chamblee’s Antique Row. Chamblee’s Antique Row is located just off of Buford Highway and there is even a rumor that it is the largest antique market in the South. Of course, I had to visit my son’s Dekalb County office, but the trip to Chamblee’s was truly amazing because there were so many different types of antique shops in the area. Each antique shop was filled to the brim with collectibles, trinkets, furniture, and so much more. In fact, there is often a filming production going on for various movies or TV shows at this unique location.

Unfortunately, there was not any filming being done during the time that I was there. Nevertheless, I did love treasure hunting and spending the entire day at this unique antique location. It was simply delightful. What made it even more fantastic was the fact that I discovered a collectible baseball card in perfect condition. It was a baseball card of my favorite baseball player, Mickey Mantle.

DeKalb County: That’s a Wrap!

After a delightful day of treasure hunting I decided to investigate for one of the more out of the way places for food and beer. An older vendor at Chamblee’s told me about the Brick Store Pub located in downtown Decatur, the center of DeKalb’s places of interest. He said that they have delicious pub food and a huge variety of domestic and international beers. This older man was not lying because this two-story pub had approximately 20 domestic taps and 8 Belgium only taps.

The Brick Store Pub provided me with a list of over 1000 different bottles of beer that were aging in a bank vault below the pub. The good news is that I was able to make it home that night without accidentally destroying my perfect Mickey Mantle baseball card. Yes fellow travelers, forget about all of those well-known vacation destinations and take your next vacation in an area that is relatively unknown.

That’s My Mom’s Visit to Dekalb County!

There you have it! Thanks mom!