A lot of people love going to the city of Atlanta, but they often aren’t aware of what kind of transportation system is in place. If you plan on going to Atlanta, Georgia or you’re just curious, then read this article. It will provide you with plenty of hints and tips for driving through Atlanta, Georgia, including information about the city’s transportation system.

Atlanta Driving Tips: Using Alternate Transportation

Here are some easy ways to make a very unpleasant journey a better one. In order to steer clear of the traffic (that’s SO BAD), you should follow these Atlanta driving tips. You might want to utilize other forms of transportation like MARTA, Uber/Lyft, and or taxi cabs. In other words, our best tip is to not drive through the Atlanta metro, let someone else drive you.

Atlanta’s MARTA Train System

More Atlanta GA Driving Tips.MARTA is short for Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority, which provides public transportation to those in Atlanta. MARTA has para-transit vehicles, buses and trains, which provides passenger trips to hundreds of thousands of people every weekday. The rapid rail system features 38 rail stations and over 45 miles of railroad tracks. The service lines are the Gold Line, Red Line, Blue Line and the Green Line.

Furthermore, all of the rail lines meetup at Five Points station, which is in downtown. How’s that for a tip!? All of the trains are operated by a single operator, who makes announcements and operates the doors. Travelling via train is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to get around Atlanta.

Atlanta’s MARTA Bus System

The bus system serves many areas of DeKalb and Fulton counties, and it serves a larger area than MARTA’s train system. Currently, MARTA has a little over 545 buses that serve over 100 bus routines. All of the bus lines do eventually intersect or feed into the rail lines. Learn more tips about Atlanta and directions to our office on the homepage.

However, bus times do vary from one route to the next, so it’s important for people to check the schedule of the route they want to use. It’s also worth mentioning that some of the buses have a bike rack, which means customers can bring their bikes on some of the buses. Getting around the city, as well as getting to the outskirts of the city, is easy when you use Atlanta’s bus system.

The Atlanta Streetcar

Here’s another nifty little tip for the drive through Atlanta, Georgia. The Atlanta Streetcar is fairly new, and it was owned by the city itself and not by MARTA, but MARTA eventually did take over the streetcar’s operations. It covers an area of 2.7 miles and stops at 12 spots. The streetcar serves the downtown area and it runs between Centennial Olympic Park and King Center, and it also stops at the Peachtree Center Station.

This mode of transportation is safe to use and it is known for providing timely service to those in the downtown area. You can also get to many top attractions in Atlanta via the streetcar. If you want to explore as much of downtown as possible, then you’ll want to use the streetcar.

Atlanta Taxicabs

There are also taxicabs available. Many cabs operated in Atlanta, as well as on the outskirts and hailing a cab is very easy. Also, cabs in Atlanta operate 24/7 and if you stay in one of the downtown hotels, the chances are there will be cabs parked outside. Learn more about the current traffic accidents that might affect your drive on our Atlanta October news page. As you can see, Atlanta has an excellent transportation system. It doesn’t matter where you want to go in the city, you will be able to get there via different modes of transportation. The next time you go to Atlanta, make sure you check out the schedules of the type of transportation you want to use.