Fulton County GA is home to many cities and communities. Chattahoochee Hills is one of those cities. Also, Fairburn and Union City, Georgia. Atlanta even has a home in Fulton County. It is a big county, so you can imagine that it can be quite different living in one part compared to another. Alpharetta is in Northern Fulton County Georgia, and Chattahoochee Hills is in the southern part of Fulton County. Let’s take a specific city in the county and see what it’s like living there.

There are many major companies there if you are looking for employment. Perhaps you are self-employed, retired or already have the job lined up. Either way, the economy in Fulton County, Georgia includes some big names, so keep that in mind. There are also some great things to do in the city of Atlanta itself (which is mostly within Fulton). You will find that many people enjoy the attractions there.

What Do People Say It’s Like Living In Fulton County Georgia?

Southern FultonThe Brew Moon Fest and the Scarecrow Harvest are two annual events that people look forward to. Which one of those would you like to attend? You can attend both. It is in October on the first Saturday that you can attend Scarecrow Harvest, and guess what you’re going to see. The streets of Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia are said to have 100 scarecrows lining them, and you can imagine there are many more scarecrows up all over the city.

That is a lot of scarecrows, and what do you think you can expect when it comes to the Brew Moon Fest? Well, let’s just say it’s held on the same day in the downtown area so it looks like you are going to be able to attend both at the same time. That’s why I said earlier that you can attend both. You could anyway even if they were held at different times of the year because you would be living in Fulton County, but this way you don’t have to choose.

Of course there are other community events and various attractions, besides just our Fulton County location. This particular county sounds like a lovely place to live if you like Georgia and the rustic country-side. Of course, not all of Fulton is countryside. It was mentioned that Atlanta is part of Fulton County, too. If you ever get tired of running around the outskirts of Fulton enjoying things to do, you can head to Atlanta, Georgia for the day or the weekend. It isn’t that far away.

Something else you have to look forward to when living in Fulton County, GA is all the restaurants. So I wanted to tell you what one of the top restaurants is in the area. Smokejack up in Northern Fulton County Georgia is one of them, and it is a barbecue place that serves up brisket and burnt ends. You will find it downtown on Main Street, so you don’t have to look far or know your new city really well just yet. You do want to get to know Fulton more though if you decide to move there. Are you ready to call Fulton County, Georgia home?