It is well known to people in Atlanta, as well as to people that visit the city, that the traffic is always going to be terrible. One of the most obvious reasons is that the highways and freeways that were designed decades ago are simply not adequate to accommodate all of the people that are currently driving. As the population continues to increase, and more people moving to the city, it’s going to get even more congested. There are many reasons that it is absolutely terrible, and here are a few of the top contributors to the terrible traffic in Atlanta.

Why Is Atlanta’s Traffic Always Terrible?

Reasons why Atlanta traffic is so bad all the time.Here’s a few of the reasons that Atlanta traffic is so bad all of the time. If you think about it being one of the worst cities to drive through, you are probably right. There are only a few other cities with traffic problems as big as Atlanta, Georgia, and maybe only one or two with worse problems than us. But, here we go…

Atlanta’s Consistent Population Growth

One of the top contributors to the congestion on highways and freeways in the Atlanta area has to do directly with population growth. It has been stated that it is the 12th fastest growing city in America, and this is not helping the problem. It is very difficult to simply create new freeways, or expand ones that exist, because of everything that surrounds them. If you were to simply shut down the freeway to improve its size, people would have to be rerouted for well over a year in order to get such a project done. Therefore, the primary reason that we have this problem in Atlanta GA is because of the increase in population. In fact, the metro area is considered to be the number four location in the country for population increases.

Atlanta Residents Have Better Access To Jobs

Atlanta is an area of the country that is also experiencing a large number of job opportunities. People are moving from all over the country to take part in new businesses that are setting up, or companies and corporations that are expanding. For example, service technician jobs, medical jobs, and many other industries are currently expanding and this is bringing more people into the Metropolitan region. As more of these jobs continue to be offered, more people will move there. People tend to go where the money is. This could be the results of people that are just outside of the city commuting every day, usually because there are few homes that can be purchased in Atlanta proper, causing an even worse congestion problem.

Traffic (and Drivers) Are Getting Worse in Atlanta, GA

Another reason that there can be traffic problems is that drivers are simply getting worse in the state of Georgia, ranking the second highest in car accidents by some statistics nationwide. Part of the problem has to do with congestion, and the many jobs that are available. The more drivers that you have on the road in Atlanta, the higher the probability that accidents are going to occur.

There really is no solution for fixing the driving problem. There are simply more drivers and there will continue to be more as the years go by. Until the city begins to expand the freeways, or perhaps more jobs are positioned outside of the city, this is going to continue to get worse and you should follow our tips for driving through Atlanta, Georgia. If you are thinking about moving to Atlanta, this is one factor you really need to consider. If you don’t like driving in places like Los Angeles, or New York, you are certainly not going to like Atlanta. This is just a brief overview of the many reasons that there is always going to be terrible traffic in Atlanta, information you need to know if you are thinking about relocating to the city.