Do You Still Have to Pay a Bondsman if Charges Are Dropped?If you paid a bail bonds company to get a defendant out of jail and the charges are dropped, or the case is dismissed, you won’t get a refund. The bondsman still delivered a service and got the inmate released on bond without you having to pay the full bond amount. The circumstances surrounding the criminal case and the verdict weren’t part of the transaction. However, if you paid the court the full bail amount and the charges are dropped or dismissed, then you are entitled to a refund. Each county court is different in the way they repay the amount you paid, but you will eventually get it back. We suggest that, if this was the case, call the clerk’s office in which the defendant’s case was being overseen and simply ask how to get a refund. If the charges were dropped, then they’ll give you the required information for getting your money back in a timely manner.

Do You Still Have to Pay a Bondsman if Charges Are Dropped? Yes. The co-signer will still be held liable for the full amount of the bond. Failure to maintain payments could result in default.

The Bondsman’s Fee Is Paid for the Release of a Defendant

Just like any business out there, a bail bonds company offers services in exchange for payment. Since this is a financial transaction, there are no return policies or refunds. Think of it like a loan. If you decided that you needed $10,000 and went to a loan officer to get the money, you would sign a document where you would promise to pay back the initial sum plus interest. If after getting the loan, you went back to try and give them the money back, you would still have to pay the interest. The bail bonds industry is a combination of insurance and finance. When you get a bail bond, the bondsman puts up the bail and you pay a certain percentage (10%-15% here in Georgia). How bail bonds gets paid, whether on a payment plan or not, is up to the bonding company. You may have had to put up your assets as collateral. So, even if the charges are dropped, this action still took place and services were rendered. You still have your collateral on the line if you default on the financial agreement.

How Often Charges Get Dropped

If you have recently paid a bondsman to get someone out of jail and you’re hoping that the charges get dropped, there are a couple of things that you should be aware of. It is the job of the police department, Sheriff’s office, local government, and the prosecutor to make sure that the defendant is found guilty. You have all of these different entities working against you.

Another thing to consider is that if a person is arrested for an ‘alleged’ crime, they are most likely guilty. The criminal justice system allows for defense attorneys to prove that the arresting officer either did something wrong during the arrest or the defendant is in fact innocent. However, unless you have a very good attorney that is willing to take the case to trial or provide hard evidence that the accused is innocent, then be ready to accept a plea bargain. There are very few cases in which charges are dropped here in Georgia.

In summary, you still have to pay the bondsman if the charges are dropped or your assets could be seized as a result of a default loan payment.