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1. Take note of the county your friend or loved one is being held in.

2. Call our bail bonds agent about the basic details of the defendant’s charge(s).

3. We’ll tell you the bail amount and payment options on the bond.

4. We’ll write a bail bond & immediately get to work on the defendant’s release.

5. Your friend or loved one gets released from jail.

6. Make sure the defendant shows up for the judge on their court date!

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Licensed to write bail bonds in most counties in the Atlanta, Georgia metro.

About our bail bonds service: At, we connect you to the best bail bonds agent in your area. We are the most trusted site in Atlanta, Georgia for providing superior bail bonds services through our unique referral system. By calling us, you can rest assured that a licensed bail bonds agent will pick up the phone (and not let it keep ringing), be professional over the phone, and hand delivers bail bonds to the jail in which the defendant is currently incarcerated. We’ve done the research to provide you with only the best in the bail bonds industry throughout the Atlanta metro. Just call us and we’ll patch you through!

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City of Atlanta Bail Bonds Service

Bail Bonding Now 235 Peachtree Street Northeast #400, Atlanta, GA 30303 770-799-6756
Top Rated Bail Bonds Service in Atlanta, Georgia
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Price Range: $ (10%-15% of bail) + jail fees.

The City of Atlanta Bail Bonds

Finding information for Atlanta bail bonds isn’t really all that difficult. All bail bond companies pretty much do the same thing. However, what you’ll find a lot of times is that very few of them are able to cater specifically to your needs. At Bail Bonding Now, our customized menu lets you choose the county jail that the defendant is currently being held in, and we connect you to a bail bonds expert who can get them out as soon as humanly possible. We aren’t a bonding company ourselves, but we refer you to the best in the industry. Depending on your qualifications, you may only have to pay 10% to a bonding company (plus any additional jail fees). This isn’t a guarantee that you’ll only have to pay 10% for all bail bonds in the Atlanta metro, but it IS possible, again, depending on your qualifications. Generally speaking, a bail bonds office won’t take on a client if the bail is less than $1,000. However, with our advanced system of logistics, we make it possible in some cases to take on these very small bail bonds.

Qualifying for Atlanta Bail Bonds

Finding a City of Atlanta Bondsman Near Me.

The qualifications to cosign on bail bonds to get a defendant released from jail will vary a little bit from company to company. Generally speaking, you’ll have to have the following:

A Georgia Driver’s License or state issued I.D.

Proof of income.

Proof of Georgia residency for the last year and a half.

A major credit card in your name.

Money to post the bond.

In the case that you don’t meet these general requirements for all bail bonds written throughout Atlanta by every major company, there are several options that we can explore with you. We do our best to people get bail bonds written as quickly as humanly possible.

The Confusion with City of Atlanta Bail Bonds and Other Counties

Oftentimes, an Atlanta bail bonds company will get phone calls from people who have friends, relatives, spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends, etc. being held in county jails throughout the major metropolitan area. It is extremely important that you find out where the person is being held before you call any bail bonds company in Atlanta, Georgia. In most cases, a City of Atlanta bail bonds agent won’t be able to bond someone out of a county jail. In most cases a bondsman is only licensed to issue bonds for the Atlanta City Detention Center.

At Bail Bonding Now, not only do our experts write bail bonds for the City of Atlanta Detention Center on Peachtree Street, but we also cover any county in the metropolitan area of Atlanta, Georgia. Just remember that there is a difference between county bail bonds and city bail bonds. Any other bondsman won’t necessarily be able to service the entire area. We can. How? Because we aren’t a bonding company. We simply connect you to the best bail bonds agent in your area.

How Atlanta Bail Bonds Companies Work

When you get that dreaded phone call from your friend or loved one saying that they are in jail, you might not know what to do next. That’s perfectly fine and bail agents don’t expect you to know how the process works. We’ll calmly walk you through the bail bonds process and educate you on anything you don’t know. Here’s how bail bonds work in any county in Atlanta, Georgia metro area:

First, find out what county jail (or city jail) the defendant is in. You’ll need to inform the Atlanta bonding company of this information so that they can swiftly assist you. If possible, you’ll also be wise to note how much the bond is. You can get this information by simply calling the jail itself.

Secondly, determine if you qualify for bail bonds or not. If you don’t, you or the person might know someone who does and you should reach out to them and ask if they would be willing to cosign on the bail bond.

Next, call us. We’ll connect you directly to one of the best Atlanta bail agents and they will walk you through the information, fees, and the bondsman’s fee for bailing the person out of jail. With any company, depending on the cosigner’s qualifications, you can expect to pay in between 10% – 15% plus jail fees.

After that, all that’s left to do is make sure the defendant stays in Atlanta and goes in front of the judge on their court date. If they miss it, you could be held liable for the full amount of bail and the bail bond contract will be null and void.

Bail Bonding Now is the Leader in Atlanta Bail Bonds

It doesn’t matter if the defendant is currently being held in a county jail or you are in need of City of Atlanta bail bonds, we can help. Not only are we the best at what we do, we are the most professional and courteous of all of the Atlanta bonding companies. More information on the City of Atlanta, Georgia here. Call today!